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November 03 2003

Another promo photo from Angel 503 Unleashed from french mag Arkanium

Is the spoiler tag really necessary?
Is the spoiler tag really necessary? Well, I've noticed there are a lot of people from the U.K. on Whedonesque, so ... yeah.
Read the rules: spoilers are defined as anything that hasn't aired on North American (US/Canada) television. This doesn't need a spoiler tag.
"We define spoilers as any information about episodes not yet aired on North American television."

That's a vague rule ... it doesn't air on the same day of the week in different parts of North America. I live in Rhode Island and our stupid digital cable company does not carry the WB, so we have to wait an extra day to get Angel on UPN. Some people in Canada have to wait yet another day, I think.

Sone people are not sensitive to this, and they sometimes post stuff without a Spoiler warning on Wednesday night, right after they see an episode. I try to watch out for this stuff and not click on it, but sometimes the titles people choose are also vague.

It's OK, I count it as my fault for not being observant enough. But part of me still thinks that people should wait until Friday to drop the Spoiler warnings.
Chickenbird, seeing as this is a site run mostly by Europeans the rules are generous towards North America as they are, while completely ignoring our own continent's delayed airing for the sake of discussion. We cannot take into account the schedules of every single state or city around the world, unfortunately!

Anyway, this picture is from 5x03.

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