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January 18 2010

Christian Kane to appear on Good Morning Texas, Jan 18th. Christian tweeted about his appearance, "Doing Good Morning Texas tomorrow Jan 18th @ 8:20 am. Channel 8. WFAA in Dallas.. Hope y'all can tune in." Update: The video is on the site linked, now for those who missed it.

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Wow, there is a Good Morning Texas. I wonder if every state have one of those.
No other state is this awesome, so probably not. :P
I suppose I could tune in. If I wasn't at work. *Sigh*
Don't look at me, I'm still busy shooing chickens out of the room.
I don't get that channel. Darn it.
Nah, not every state. We don't have one.

Wish I could see it anyway.
The station now has a link to the short interview up: Leverage's Christian Kane

While he was talking about what the Leverage team does, I swear I kept thinking CK was going to say "We help the helpless."


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