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January 18 2010

Upcoming big Buffyverse bibliography. A "massive bibliography" on everything ever published about Buffy or Angel, to arrive in 2010.

Written by Don Macnaughtan and to be published by McFarland & Co. Looks like it will be of interest to fans as well as to critics (check out the Table of Contents). Also: you can let him know if you have published something that should be included.

That's a great idea! It should make Buffy-academia much easier!
There's no way he will ever be able to collect everything, specially not "•Derivative unlicensed work (parodies, fanfic, vids etc)", but I'm looking forward to this book.
That's going to be the size of Belgium!
Well I do hope he's got permission to use that banner art as it belongs to a fan artist called Zugma who has had that particular piece ripped off all over the net and won't be very impressed If that turns out to be the case here too.
If he get to index the defunct but really enjoyable reviews from ScoopMe, I'm going to be impressed.
What would one do with a massive bibliography on the Buffyverse? It doesn't sound like an exciting read.
Thanks to Sue (above) - I should know better than to use a banner that I found on the web. I've changed it, my apologies to Zugma. It is really a very beautiful piece.
That's an ambitious undertaking.

Edited due to cross-posting. :)

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Heh, Riker. I don't think something like this is supposed to be an exciting read. But for academia, or for fans looking for a complete to-be-read checklist (if such people exist ;)), I do see the point.

I'm at the very least sending in my Dutch review of Buffy.

I wonder if this'll lead to an avalanche of submissions. Though, like Skytteflickan88, I doubt something including fan efforts will ever be complete, considering the massive amount of material out there - especially fan vids, fanfic, etcetera; and considering all that used to be out there, but got either lost in time or removed during the FOX copyright infringement hunts.

For instance: I used to write and edit for the fanzine of the Dutch Buffy & Angel fanclub, but those magazines have not been reproduced online and only remain in the homes of our ~200 former members (if they haven't thrown them out by now ;)) and I can think of many other such examples (the articles in the by-now-dissapeared Dutch SF magazine 'SF Report', the columns published on 'The Buffy Zone'; which used to be my favorite Buffy site - together with - before whedonesque, etcetera etcetera).

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I doubt something including fan efforts will ever be complete, considering the massive amount of material out there - especially fan vids, fanfic, etcetera

That's an impossible undertaking. I don't think it can be done.

Perhaps a list of fanfiction archives would be feasible, but not a list of all the fanwork itself.
Riker, I think there's definitly people who will buy this, like me. Unless if gets too expensive of course, but wouldn't it be nice, if you felt the need for a certain kind of article, and you just need to look up where you can find it? So much knowledge, and for me, a librarian-in-training, that thought is exciting.

Of course, google might make this book redundant to most.
Yes as the author I agree it would be impossible to even begin to find all the fan production. I'm aiming for fanfic archives tho, so if anyone has suggestions...

I wonder if he'd count my letter to Soap Opera Weekly about why James should have had an Emmy for Spike.

I know a few fan fiction archives (Spike-wise). www.allaboutspike and
Don is an active poster on buffyology- if anyone can do this, he can. And us academics would love it!
Riker GVH: I'm one of the "fans looking for a complete to-be-read checklist." For several reasons, among them my own idea for a book (popular, not academic) I'd like to call Mapping the Buffyverse going over the various guidebooks and such.
Don, if you go to this post and scroll down to "Useful Links" you'll find some more fanfiction archives. In this instance, mostly Buffy and Spike oriented but that's what I can offer.
"If he get to index the defunct but really enjoyable reviews from ScoopMe, I'm going to be impressed."

Numfar, that is SO true. The writer went by the pseudonym Hunter Maxin and he was fantastic. I was incredibly moved by his insight and genuine love for BtVS, every week. There was an archive of his writing on another site for a while. I'm a bad fan, I can't recall the name. ScoopMe was unique. I was very sad when that porch light went dim.

For those interested, here's a sample of how he wrote - a review of Chosen from 2003:

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