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January 18 2010

Zack Whedon on his new Terminator comic (and the next Dr Horrible title?). "I also see my family every now and then, and when I do, the talk often turns to 'Doctor Horrible 2: Carnal Indulgences.' That's all for now!".

What's Rubicon?
Looks like. That and the IMDB entry are pretty sparse.
I did some googling. Seems it was greenlit in 2008, but the latest press on it came from last Summer's TCAs. Sounds interesting, but I wonder what is taking so long. Did they have to completely recast with this amount of time going by?
Miranda Richardson is in it! Playing someone or other.
Does sound like an interesting show. I really dug the writing Zack did on 'Fringe', found him to have a great handle on the characters and he wrote some great jokes. So I'm not a bit averse to seeing more television scripted by him.

I'm also really interested in his Terminator comic (though I'll be holding out for the collection featuring all 3 issues which is bound to turn up).
Love the "title" to the DrH2 sequel. I also (surprisingly) love the art on this. Not that it's bad, but I've only been exposed mostly to the Buffy/Angelverse and seeing something so gritty (?) or raw is pretty interesting. Like I can feel what they're going through physically.
For anyone interested, the same site has the first 5 pages of the interior previewed at this link:
Ouh, I really liked the preview, thanks for the link Risch22. Can't wait to read this :).

And yeah, korkster, the art is much better than I expected it to be. I've always loved The Terminator as a franchise (heck, I even kinda liked Terminator: Salvation, sshhht ;)) and this fits right in.
I'm very excited to check the Terminator mini-series out, love the first two movies and the tv series, also very interested to hear more about these other dark horse projects he's working on....more Dr. Horrible one shots maybe?

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