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January 18 2010

Peace Fund Charity Auction for Haiti featuring Nathan Fillion & Tony Head autographs. The Peace Fund is auctioning signed Nathan Fillion and Anthony Stewart Head photographs to raise money for Haiti relief.

Nathan's over $100
Anthony's at $26
Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) is at $36
and Ray Park (Darth Maul) is at 0 bids (99c)
Because my Captain is the cutest.
Aww, he's so cute! And I could actually afford Tony's...if, ya know, I had money. Which I don't. But if I did I'd totally bid.

(Sorry, Cap'n, heart belongs to the librarian.)
yeah, tempted to bid on Anthony's to bump it up. C'mon, he's cute too! :)
Poor Darth Maul! He's also the toad Halle Berry electrocuted in X-Men. And then she delivers that line Joss wrote. Just saying.
@NYPinTA: There's a Joss link to everything, isn't there?

(6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? Make it Joss & you could do it in 4!)
The Peace Fund has been operating for over a decade and has an outstanding record for charitable work. Adrian Paul really is one of the good guys! If you're still looking for ways to help Haiti, this auction is a great opportunity (and you can end up owning some unique items as well). Win all round. :)
Well, Darth Maul is up to 15 dollars.
Nathan's photo is making a good showing at over 200 now.
The photo of Anthony Stewart Head is about 77 dollars.
Spread the word!

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