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November 04 2003

(SPOILER) TV Gal expresses her concerns about Angel. "I do think the show seriously needs more female characters. I still can't like Eve......she's no Lilah". Spoilers are avoidable if one scrolls past the 'To the TV Gal Reader Belong the Spoils' part.

More females? Definitely.
More Cordelia talk? Yes again.

What really irks is not so much Charisma and ME's estrangement--don't know the details, can't judge...but what does bother me is how the story suffers because of it. Don't you think it's kinda odd that Angel and Co. has not used its new found resources and connections to find a way to revive Cordelia? Or at least a throw away line to the effect of "Gotta go visit on Cordy, Be back soon.."
This post should be edited to show that the spoilers are avoidable if one scrolls past the

"To the TV Gal Reader Belong the Spoils

You know the rules. Don't read if you don't want to know."

part. That's what I do when I read it each week and remain unspoiled.
I agree with you protector. We could see Angel looking at some pictures of Cordy or Connor. Or someone coming to his office and telling him if they made any progress on helping Cordelia. And don't you think it would be really interesting if Spike found out that Angel has a son ; ) ?
Eve could be an interesting character if they gave her a storyline. Or maybe tell us what exactly she is doing working for the Senior Partners.
Jumping on the 'talk about Cordy' bandwagon. The mention of off-screen visits to see her would be nice.
And what about their connection to the PTB? Don't they need one more than ever now that they're in the belly of the beast? Last we saw of them was ghostly Darla or Jasmine with very big hole in her head...

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