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January 18 2010

Joss and NPH to reunite- on Glee? Ausiello says they're waiting on the okay from CBS.

I just might faint from the awesome.

Yeah it's Michael, not Danny. Edited that. I think he mostly is recognized by last name only anyway when his stories get picked up elsewhere.

Between this, new cast members, and what sounds like a large Madonna episode, Glee seems to be going all out for its back nine.
Yeah, he's a mad science hybrid of Michael Ausiello and Danny Aiello. I think he was one of Dr. Horrible's early projects.

Sorry, all the awesome made me a little woozy. Thanks for the edit, Sunfire.

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A reunion to perhaps whet our appetite for Dr. Horrible 2? This is very exciting! Almost as exciting as the very bad things I wanna do with Kurt if I were his real-life boyfriend...
What do I think?? Better than BATS! What a great idea.
Now if they'd just have NPH's character named Bats.
At this rate Glee is going to be running out of awesome by Season 2!
My addiction to GLEE has been quickly approaching BUFFY levels, so I'm very very excited about this. Hmmm, I wonder if Joss is going to use this opportunity to recruit some of the GLEE cast for Dr. Horrible 2? Maybe Lea Michele as Dr. Horrible's new flame? Puck could be in the ELE...

"Don't stop believing... Hold onto that Freeze Ray..."
I'm excited by this, because I enjoy Whedon and NPH. However, I really don't understand the Glee-love. It's a good show, and I enjoy watching it, but the characters are just so flat to me. I don't know, I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority on this one.

Anyway, excited for Joss to direct, and for NPH to (hopefully) be in it.
I don't think I could be any more excited right now.
Glee is the bomb. That is all. No show makes me happier. Chuck is a close second.
I've only watched a little of Glee, before deciding that it really wasn't my sort of thing, but if this happens I will have to try again - at least for one episode.
Currently, Glee makes me far happier than Chuck, which so far this season has left me with a big "meh".
It seems like some of the characters have much better writing, or just more backstory/development. I love the show with an unholy passion, but I swear, if the Mercedes character gets any more one-note and stereotypical my head may explode!
This is going to be really exciting if CBS, let it happen. So although Joss says he`s only directing, the fact that he`s director of the episode, did get Murphy to shape a few things because it`s Whedon.
I really wish I liked Glee. This would warrant watching, however.
I dig the show but it's weird for me since for the characters I really ended up liking it's limited to "hey, she finally got a speaking line!" or "look at that amazing expression he's making in the background!"

While I'm all for Joss getting a guest-directing stint, I'm just curious if he ever sort of misses the days back in Roseanne where he doesn't need to think too hard about the greater plot ramifications and just enjoy writing a single episode. I mean guest-writing stint would be kind of novel and fresh considering how the show only has three writers I think.
I like 'Glee' well enough, it usually manages to straddle the line between wide-eyed "Let's put on a show !" enthusiasm and ironically knowing ("Other Asian" etc.). Wish they could find a way to do it without miming though. Like, really.

(I liken the miming to the shoddy effects in old school sci-fi - if you really love the genre it's a necessary evil that you'll happily put up with, just part of the production of that sort of TV show given real-world limitations but if you don't it's just embarrassing. And though I don't dislike them, i'm not a huge fan of musicals which means I veer towards embarrassed a lot of the time)

Currently, Glee makes me far happier than Chuck, which so far this season has left me with a big "meh".

Currently 'Glee' isn't on is it (which is pretty harsh on 'Chuck' ;) ? Know what you mean though, the first 3 eps of 'Chuck' have felt off to me too, a little bit by the numbers. Maybe they're struggling with "grey area" Chuck who's sort of neither one thing nor the other at the moment ?
I'm also not feeling the Glee love. I watch it and at best it only irritates me a few times. It flip flops between parody and serious to the point that it is neither, and thus the raging stereotypes become rather destructive.

But NPH & Whedon together again I guess I'll watch :p
Glee is amazing. Rachel wants my babies.
Glee is a huge guilty pleasure for me. For about 50% of the musical numbers I find myself cringing. However, I love its writing and some of the main characters. When I watched the pilot, I was pretty unimpressed until Rachel, after talking about what a star she is and how she was going to make it big, turned around and got a slushy in the face. That's when I realized that the show had something. Plus, Sue Sylvester makes me laugh... I love how arrogant she is.
I love Glee. Seeing NPH on Glee would rock my world.
a little bit by the numbers

"Chuck-by-numbers" is exactly how I described the first two episodes, in fact.
What a crazy random happenstance.
Sue Sylvester is what makes Glee work for me. Love the musical numbers (well, because I often get caught singing and this show makes that feel okay), but if it weren't for Sue & Puck & the other "haters", the show would be too kittens for me.

Gotta love the haters.
I have some ambivalence about the writing in Glee, but I really love the cast. They always make it worth watching for me. It'll be great to see NPH on it.

Interesting to hear the reactions to Chuck. I had the same feeling, but thought it might just be the mood I've been in.
Not a Glee fan, either. I may watch the episode, though. Sort of like the episode of The Office that Joss directed-- wasn't a huge fan of The Office at the time, but still watched. I'm a bigger fan of The Office now, but it took quite a few backtoback episodes for me to really get it.
I think 'Glee' is one of those shows that surpasses its mere parts. Yes, there's some bad writing sometimes, yes, there's some awkward directing, one-note characters or easy stereotyping. But, man, when added together glee is just... pure, honest, incredible fun, which manages to move me and make me laugh. It's certainly my favorite new show of the season, but if you'd ask me to pick apart the reasons why, I've got... nothing other than 'surpasses its mere parts'. I think it has a rare magic and I plan on unashamedly enjoying it for as long as it sticks around.

Also: NPH on Glee? Yes please!
I think Glee is one of the few really original shows, and luckily it is popular (unlike Dollhouse and Pushing Daisies). Sue Sylvester is the most awesome character on TV, and I don't think even Enver Gjokaj could improve upon Jane Lynch's work! I'll be very excited to see what Joss does with it, and I hope he gets NPH on!
Sue Sylvester is what makes Glee work for me.


An earlier Ausiello item indicated Sue will be performing "Vouge" in the Madonna episode. The show's scripting has been somewhat uneven to date but when they get it in gear with that kind of evil genius idea it's magical.
Sunfire, MUSICAL SPOILER, Sue will also be performing "Get Physical" with Olivia Newton-John.

I'm undecided about a lot of the celebrity/stunt-casting, but NPH is more than welcome. A couple others might be good, if they do what Glee does best, subvert expectations. J-Lo as a dinnerlady might just be excellence (if it was a passing by shot). Eve-esque guest stars as well. No singing is necessary.
I don't watch Glee, but I wouldn't miss this pairing.
TV Guide is saying the role "would entail a fair share of singing and dancing."
I hope he & Sue end up doing something funny together. Awe. Some.
Yay! I love Glee - awhile back I commented that I wanted NPH and Jesse L. Martin to play Rachel's parents. That would be perfection. How fun though that Joss and NPH will be (hopefully) reuniting.
Wish Joss could direct a HIMYM....

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