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January 19 2010

Happy Birthday Buffy! Seems like only yesterday that little Buffster was fighting off vamps during her sophomore year of high school. Our favorite slayer turns 29 today.

Buffy's birthday was celebrated in the episode first aired on or near 19 January each year. In the first-year episode "I Robot, You Jane", Malcolm brings up Buffy's school records on his computer. In the first view, we see that Buffy was born on 24 October 1980, and that she is a sophomore. The second time we see Buffy's records, her birthday is 6 May 1979, and she is a senior. Joss Whedon finally decreed Buffy's birthday to be 19 January 1981.

Happy birthday Buffy, any many more! Sto godina! I love that Buffy and I are the same age.
Happy Birthday Buffy!!!
When did Joss decree that the 19th of January was her actual birthday? DVD commentary?
I share my birthday with one of the greatest fictional characters. :) Woo!
Happy birthday Vital!
Birthday wishes and vampy kisses!
Happy Birthday, and 29, damn? Give us a few years to catch up with what your doing, girl.
Uh oh, this can mean nothing good...!
lol well it IS Tuesday AND Buffy's birthday. Everyone, make sure you don't wish anything in front of ladies wearing olden times bling bling necklaces today.
Happy Birthday, Buffy!

Also, it's a bit presumptuous to assume that Buffy is 'Our favorite slayer'. Personally, my favorite slayer is Kennedy.

*tries to keep a straight face*
Happy birthday, Buffy :)
Happy birthday, Buffy and Vital. Mine was Sunday, but I love being able to say I'm almost a Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius.
@Xantastic1316 -- Presumptuous? Toi!?!

Happy many returns!

But somehow I doubt that she will be surviving season 9.
At the tender age of 24 . . .

*grinning sigh*
In my head, the words "Happy Birthday, Buffy" are always spoken in the breathy voice of Drusilla (from Buffy's dream).
Happy Birthday, Buffy and Vital!
19 was always my lucky number since I was born on December 19th... not sure it was ever quite so lucky for the Buffster, though.

I always forget she's not that much older than I am.
Yep, still the same age as Buffy (though I'm from '80 ;)). That's part of the reason why I loved the show: I totally grew up with it :). Happy birthday, Buffy!
anniem: I totally hear that the same way!

Buffy turning 29 makes me kind of sad in a way... she's so old now. Well, not OLD. I just always imagine Buffy as a youthful spunky girl, it's crazy to think of the woman as a 29 -- or even 50 year old! I really think they should make a Buffy film or something now that I'm realizing how much time has passed since the show ended. Such a great character that deserves following.
Actually, if it's January 19, then the Scoobies were at school on a Sunday.

January 20, on the other hand, works like a charm. ;)

Sorry to be the calendar-checking spoilsport.
Wow, I can't believe I had never read that IMDB trivia page on Buffy. Many things there I didn't know about! :)
oh imdb

"After the series ended, Eliza Dushku was offered her own spin-off series as the character Faith. But then she turned it down to do "Tru Calling" (2003)."

Happy Birthday Buffy!
Hmm - a couple of suprises in there. I didn't know;
According to Nicholas Brendon, he and Sarah Michelle Gellar proposed a storyline for season seven where Xander and Buffy get together romantically. Their idea was shot down, and they continued with the Buffy-Spike relationship.

But I'm taking it with a pinch of salt. Also, they got a wee bit wrong here;
At the start of her next appearance on "Buffy" ("Anne," episode 3.1) she had changed her name to Lily; during that episode, she joins a cult that renames her "Sister Sunshine;" and at the end of the episode, Buffy gives her both a job and her newest sobriquet, "Anne"
The 'sister sunshine' name was something she talked about in the past, if I remember correctly.

And I love the anecdote about the lesbian subtext discussion on the forum.
Is it a coincidence that MTV started playing Buffy today? I think not! Happy birthday Buffy!!!!
Happy Birthday to the girl who was and woman who still is my role model.

(and yes the Sister Sunshine thing was in the past before Chanterelle - I love Julia Lee's character growth within the show)

*** I really want a Buffy movie too! Just not if Joss isn't involved. Or just not without people who love the show and didn't screw it up the first time. ***

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Happy birthday Buffy and Vital!
Most of that trivia I knew (because I'm a dork) but the producers telling Nick not to work out was surprising, as was the fact that many (more) beloved characters were to be killed off, or killed off sooner.
I'm right there with ya, GVH. Here's to being born in the year of the monkey!
Good catch Nile...except that since BtVS didn't premiere until March of 1997 and didn't have a bday episode until the next season in 1998, in which the 19th of January was in fact, a Monday. Off days mixed with high speed internet are very dangerous for me.
They mentioned that "many actors were able to reappear on the show, despite the fact that their characters were killed off", and they proceeded to list some.

But they missed one: Buffy.
Happy birthday to my favorite fictional character. Cheers, Buffy!
Happy Birthday Buffy, you, and the entire Whedonverse have saved my world... a lot...
Happy birthday buffy :)
mariec: I really want a Buffy movie too! Just not if Joss isn't involved. Or just not without people who love the show and didn't screw it up the first time.

I actually liked the first movie...
In my mind, I hear "Happy Birthday, Buffy" in Dru's voice.
Seriously? If I'd been born just two days later I could share a birthday with Buffy! *pouts*
Hah, my new favorite BtVS trivia: "Spike's trademark coat cost $2000 from a top fashion store. It was then run over repeatedly by a truck to give it that distressed look."
Happy birthday Buffy and Vital! [2]

Here, years ago, when a baby wasn't registred in the day he/she was born there was a fine. So, some parents used to change their childrens Birht date to avoid it. My mother has to birthdates: The real and the official, maybe Buffy had the same problem?

Hey, NileQT87! I loved that chronology you had made of all buffyverse, but lost it and the 4shared link isn't working anymore. Did you still have it in a new link?
Sure. Here are slightly updated versions (though the 2nd part is criminally underupdated for the new issues--I went through a period of underexcitement about the Jossverse until Twilight was revealed and perked me up a little.):

And you can hit a bunch of other goodies (like the very rare Slayer promos, 1-800-Collect commercials, pitch tape and unaired pilot) here (just waddle through my fanvids and unrelated stuff):
*edit* Double post.

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Brasilian Chaos Man NileQT87 ABRAMSology; Heck, I've extended the chronology up to 2026 so far.

Seriously, happy belated b'day, Spunkie Summers!

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