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January 19 2010

Official Dollhouse memorabilia auction continues. 16 new items up for bid, including Bennett's bathrobe, Ms. Lonelyhearts' dress and shoes, and Whiskey's white gown from Epitaph One.

I find it hilarious that the most expensive thing right now is Bennett's robe. And that's exactly what I was interested in initially. LOL

Looking at the others, though... my my does Adelle's dress look nice. I'm also a bit surprised that no one has run away with Whiskey's white gown yet.

Would actually like to get a hand on that Rossum magazine article.
I was going to snag the all access pass to Rayna's tour in the last auction but I decided to wait for something like a gun, or something from Topher's lair. They'll start auctioning off boy items that aren't clothing eventually, right? :/
Ah the iconic white dress. Probably the most memorable outfit for me.
Yeah, the white dress definitely is what caught my eye first. It's interesting to see if up close and with some light on it.
Eliza wears my shoe size, how awesome. Size 7. And Olivia wears size 10.

I'll be interested in this on day 6, which is when the true value of these pieces will be seen.
They are all such tiny tiny people.
When did the white dress get so dirty? I shall be forced to rewatch Epitaph 1, but I'm sure that it was still white when Whiskey was sitting on the walkway.
I'm still waiting till they put some imprint-wedges up there. That's when I'll start hopping up and down.
I love the "dirt stained throughout" note on Whiskey's dress, haha. Unfortunately the girls are all a good half-foot taller than me, even Eliza's shoes don't fit. Until they auction Kilo-sized outfits, I'm out of luck. :(

I would like to see some more Victor/Topher material. Better yet, Victopher! I would love a stress ball or action figure, even an inappropriate starch or two.
The only article of clothing I want is Summer- Err, Bennet's robe ;) And I can't afford it right now. Besides that, nothing really interests me. I was thinking about the Rayna fan mail thing, but then I realized that I didn't want it that much. I just wanted something, and the price definetly works. Still, JAYROCK has to be right. I'm gonna hold out for cooler stuff that's 50$ or less (I can go over that, but only will if it's really, really cool.)

[ETA: Do they wash the clothes? haha, jk...sorta xD]

[ edited by DeezyG on 2010-01-19 23:15 ]
JAYROCK, it seems all the cool stuff walks out the door (or into prop storage) on the last day of shooting. I started to think of the ideal item to look for (if I could have any item from season 1 or 2) and I drew a blank. There's no iconic items on this show! The chair has to be the coolest item in the DollHouse but really, where am I going to put that thing???

So then I started to think about what items Factory X or QMX is going to try to create to sell to the fans. The best idea I could think of was a replica answering machine that blinks with a red light...and when you hit the button, its Adele's "there are three flowers in a vase..." message for Mellie.
alexreager, there's stuff. That little thing that can make anyone a doll or imprint anyone, for example, or the bow & Arrow from The Target. I could probably think of atleast like 2 for every episode.
Not that the bow and arrows are iconic, but they're definetly cool. And Dollhouse has alot of that.
The Whiskey dress was indeed dirty in Epitaph One. You can see it a bit here, though the lighting makes it less noticeable.

Personally, I'm waiting for the custom fencing jackets. Those were gorgeous.
Oh good call RayHill, any of the fencing gear would be great. And I'm sure I could incorporate Printy into my living room feng shui...

The remote wipe gun would be sweet, but I think Fran got that. And I'd wear Victor/Anthony's dog tags.
I wish we knew how many auctions there were going to be. I would be a little crushed if I wait because I want something cooler, and suddenly the auctions just stop.
Holy crap, that's a good point Jayrock...
In an ideal world, I'd definately take that imprinting gun from the set. It is the cause for the apocalypse, after all. And printy deserves a place in some kind of whedonesque museum, somewhere (why isn't there a whedonesque museum again?).

As for these items: even if I could afford bidding on stuff like this, the clothes just aren't that interesting. I prefer something displayable. The magazine is kinda fun, but it's a bit too... regular-crap-lying-around-the-house-y.

[ edited by GVH on 2010-01-19 23:58 ]
Shawna just tweeted that most of the clothing cost hundreds with multiple alterations. I love costume design but the best I could do with the dresses would be to put them in storage and that's just a waste. I hope whoever buys them can put them on display somehow or wear them, either for cosplay or just because they love them.
Stop convincing me to bid for Eliza's shoes... ;) The caliber of those shoes would make my entire wardrobe look like a bum's. :P

And honestly, I might even fit into Miracle's clothing. I look nothing like her, though.

Not to mention, there is that "did they wash these?" aspect, which makes it a little squicky for me.
Ooo I like Mellie's clothes. And Adelle's as usual but hers are very not my style.
I wonder if the magazine actually has a Rossum article. Didn't the magazine shown in "Echoes" just have an ad?
Years ago, I bought a belt from an auction of Xena memorabilia. It's brilliant, and I've worn it many times. Nobody knows (but me) where it came from, but it certainly makes me feel a bit special whenever I put it on. :)
Those letters look cool, but to be honest, I would just put them away, (hopefully on a shelf, but my flat is small, so maybe closet), and maybe forget they existed. That's why I didn't bid on the backstage pass, which I thought would be a cool prop to own, but it's not something that fills me with geek-y happiness and must-have need. I'm hoping for something like that to show up soon.

Anyone know how much the pass went for? Or the tea set?
The pass went for $136.05. You can search under completed listings, but you can only search by words that were in the auction title. For some reason I don't see the tea set, but I'm probably not using the right descriptive search terms.
Wow, I was so not ready to pay that. I guess the letters will be too high too.
Ah, here is a link to all of that seller's completed listings. Not sure if the link will work if you are not signed in:

Tea set: $480!
The tea set is among the most expensive. The highest: Summer Glau Malandrino sweater dress, $910. Second highest: Summer Glau Miss Albright shoes, $760. Looks like the least expensive was Olivia Williams' director chair back at $102.60. (However, apparently you can get a "My Name is Earl" screen worn t-shirt for $21.)

[ edited by eyes of the world on 2010-01-20 12:04 ]
Woah. Spikes poem from "Fool for love" sold for $426.69

I'd love Whiskeys dress but too expensive and like others said, it'd probably just go into storage :/
emmy, I didn't see that Fool for Love item. I'd love to own that. Four hundred dollars is a bit steep but what else could one expect from something so effulgent.
I know the guy who bought the poems. He said they went for a lot, but yikes!
Only one day left. Surprising that the letters still have such a low bid.

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