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January 19 2010

Fan auctions Firefly DVD signed by Joss and 15 cast members for Haiti. A UK based Firefly fan is auctioning a Firefly DVD cover with 15 autographs including Joss. 100% of the proceeds to be donated to Hollywood Unites for Haiti. The DVD cover is signed by Nathan Fillion, Morena Baccarin, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Ron Glass, Michael Fairman, Christina Hendricks, Richard Brooks, Jonathan Woodward, Mark Sheppard and Joss Whedon.

Wow, that should bank some money, I'd say. I'd love to bid, but am currently broke (and would lose anyway ;)).

Wait... I went to this page and it says it was already sold, for 150 pounds? Seems like it could've raked in a bit more...
Not much of a fundraiser, one bid and listed as a private auction.
Joss' autograph: eclectic, expressive, full of character.

Man that is so cool l highly commend that person for being so charitable
That was very cool of them to auction off such a thing. I too am surprised that it went with just one bid. Did they have a 'buy it now' option?
Did they have a 'buy it now' option?
Yea, if you click on the bid history, you can see the winner did the Buy It Now option.
It would be wonderful if the person who bought it turned right around and re-auctioned it off for real money, because I would've thought it would bring a heck of a lot more than 150 pounds, even in this economy.
This was a legit auction going to charity? The Buy It now option has caused my fan sense to go into overdrive.
Maybe the seller (@GlynG) didn't expect it to reach that high? 150.00 is roughly $245 US, and that can seem like a big amount if you're not aware of how much similar items sell for. Personally, I wouldn't have included a Buy it Now option, but kudos to GlynG for helping out a good cause and raising a healthy amount. :)
"This was a legit auction going to charity? The Buy It now option has caused my fan sense to go into overdrive."

As a long time poster known to many on here, I am happy to verify that this was a "real" auction and that the proceeds will go to charity. I know she also has some new items to put up for auction again with the proceeds going to charity. It was a case of not really knowing how much it could go for in the current climate. It was her own cover from her own Firefly DVD set with autographs obtained from events I also attended (and thus ALL genuine) and I commend her for her selfless action. She could have easily put the item up for sale as a private sale and the cover would still have sold without having to even mention Haiti and charity. Sadly the world we live in causes us to call in question any persons motives.
True. That and Whedonesque has got burnt before when it comes to these kind of auctions. Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated.

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