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January 20 2010

Amy Acker is living in a very 'Happy Town'. Amy talks Angel, Dollhouse, Cabin In The Woods and her new show Happy Town.

I like how she talks The Cabin in the Woods basically by saying she can't talk about it.
I liked how she was elegantly honest, yet secretive at the same time. I wonder when this show will get to my neck of the planet. Probably next year. :(
I liked that she clearly really appreciates her time on genre shows as an actor and in expressing that very neatly made a series that I was going to check-out pretty much solely for Amy sound a fair bit more interesting.

I also liked the chicken and bacon club sandwich I just had but that's probably unrelated.
She's actually pretty good as spoilers go. Like despite everything she said about Hollow Men I still had no idea she would end up with such a relatively big role in the finale. (Plus I still appreciate the fact she was going to reveal some possible events for a season six of Angel when we had no idea Joss would get at all involved with the comics.)

I do find it hilarious that she needed to make a caveat about how she hasn't killed anyone yet, but it's only been 8 episodes in. I'm curious what her supercool never before thing is, and whther or not that'd be the underwater thing.
So Happy Town films in Toronto, eh?
Very good interview. She even got me excited for Happy Town.
my friend met her in a Barnes & Noble in New York yesterday, jealous does not even begin to describe my emotions.
Here's hoping that Happy Town is great and that it stays on tv for a long time. Amy should be on tv all the time. I'll sure check Happy Town for her.
Amy Acker and Gina Torres have pretty much been on all of my favourite shows in some capacity.
She should play Ruth Cosgrove in a Milton Berle bio-pic.

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