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November 04 2003

(SPOILER) Convention report from Nashville courtesy of catlady (register to view). Nick Brendon said that Joss had originally intended for Buffy and Xander to be together in season 7.

Some of the highlights of her summary are:

Julie Benz thinks Lindsey is Darla's soulmate.

Nick Brendon will be doing a movie for ABC and that Joss changed his mind about the B/X relationship in season 7 because "Buffy has always wanted what was unattainable".

One notable point of interest for me is that like many fans who watched 'Chosen', Nick also thought it was strange that Xander talked about the mall after Anya's death.

you can really tell from season 6 that they were sort of heading in that b/x direction, and im sorta disappointed it didnt come, but i can understand why. and i dont know if i really believe that buffy only wants the unattainable, i think its just that beyond angel she doesn't know what she wants.

but yeah, at the end of chosen with both spike and anya dead joss kinda left a future b/x very possible.
Never ever wanted B/X. Because the fact that these two have remained good friends for so long means a lot, and somehow I feel that if they were more than that it would lessen their relationship to me.
Xander and Buffy seems like incest, they have a brother sister friendship and romance between the two characters would have been hard to accept.
Love has many faces and the love between friends is as real as romantic love and not all relations between two people involving love leads to a physical relationship yet is still as real and strong, just expressed differently.
I agree. I'm trying to imagine SMG and Nicholas Brendon kissing each other and it just seems weird. I don't think fans would've accepted the actuality of it, despite a sort of idealogical acceptance that's probably left over from Seasons 1-3.
I might actually like B/X. The only ship that I've ever been obsessed with is C/A, because it just feels so right with the characters. I think B/X would be similar to this. The chararacters are so comfortable with each other that they could have a happy, comfortable relationship. I might have to see it first though. As far as Buffy's boyfriends went, I liked Riley way the best. Xander's definitely more like Riley than Spike or Angel. And I continue to ramble...
Can you tell us what the nature of the Spoileryness is? I.e. does it spoil anything for any future episodes of Angel? Or is it just a S7 Chosen Spoiler? Or something else? I'm not going to bother registering if thera are future Angel episode spoilers.
The link goes to a message board thread in the spoilers forum, so the rest of the page is chock full o' spoilers.

However, if you register and go directly to her post using this nifty link, you'll be fine. catlady's con summary is AtS spoiler-free, and full of interesting bits.

Edited to add: It's spoiler free if you don't consider comments like, "I haven't been asked to appear on ____ this year" spoilers. If the mere whiff of casting news is too much for you spoiler phobes, best to be avoidy.

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Thanks wren, I've changed the link.
Buffy/Xander? Spuffy? Buffy/Xander? Spuffy?

*picture me waying the options*

Damn you Joss... why didn't you freaking give us Buffy/Xander huh? Huh?

*falls to floor and looks up to the heavens*

Buffy / Xander would have been sweet. I would have liked it a lot. Even with the eye gouging. But perhaps a little too 'happy' and ending for BtVS.
Well, it's not too late for B/X. Imagine Buffy making an appearance in LA and telling both vamps that she's with a 'solid and reliable' guy now. Someone whom she shares a lot of history with...Xander. Oh, yeah, it's possible. :)
Hmm, I don't think I would've bought it. They did seem more like a close family relationship to me and I also felt that way about Angel and Cordy. I didn't buy that relationship either. I don't think it's because Buffy wants the unattainable, she just wants Angel and at one time she thought they'd have a future together. I think maybe early on that I could've seen Buffy fall for Xander but after awhile it just seemed like a very deep friendship, at least on Buffy's part. As I recall, when Xander first saw the footage of Anya and Spike having sex he was upset, but he became more upset at the fact that Buffy was also having a relationship with Spike and he seemed more upset over Buffy and Spike than over Anya and Spike. I think Xander would've felt like Riley did, that Buffy really wasn't his and that there would always be the shadow of Angel lurking over any relationship that she had.
Joss liked to create twisted pairings because of the emotion he could ring out of it. My guess is he kept away from Xander/Buffy because it would be too much like Riley/Buffy in season 5. My dream the last couple of years would have been a Xander/Dawn or even better Willow/Dawn coupling to really freak everyone out! Can you just imagine Dawn screaming at Buffy,"You've got no right to judge me, you gave it up to a Vampire!"
no, no i cant.
Although I cringe at the thought of Xuffy, it still can't top the ICK factor of Cordy/Connor. She changed his diaper for God's sake.
I cringe at the thought of Xuffy

I am so with you there.
Yuck to the thought of Dawn and Willow too! Willow became a surrogate mother to Dawn when Buffy was dead and that would've been more of the ick factor like Cordy and Connor. I think it would've been nice if Willow and Xander could've found themselves back together. Yes, I know she stated "gay now" but she was in love with Oz and had strong feelings for Xander at one time. She seemed more bisexual to me. I always wished they had pursued a romance with Giles and Joyce - they were cute together in "Band Candy"!
No, no, no.

Never ANY Xuffy.

Why? "Because it's WRONG!"

He's practically her freakin brother fer crying out loud!
Speaking of weird couples, if BTVS had lasted a few more years and Giles had never left, then Giles and Anya definitely would have gotten together. Heck, they almost did twice. (Tabula Rasa, Grave)
It's wrong. I'm glad it wasn't written. Why? Because deep friendships between men and women DO happen and it's so nice to see it played out on a tv show. We don't see it very often because tv, JUST. CAN'T. RESIST. CLICHE. They rush to the romance when in reality all us girls have a "boy" friend like Xander-at least the lucky ones do, and ain't it grand?
I am a B/X girl from back in the day. Not hardcore in any way, but I do greatly enjoy the pairing.
Obviously they had a very close friendship, and I don't see that it would be ruined by a relationship. To me they seemed to click and I see their bond (for lack of a better word) being enhanced by a relationship.
I would not have minded seeing them together by the end of the series, but I am also happy with just having it left open to the idea that they could be together in the future.
amen to that, sister-friend
Buffy/Xander? Never, never, never. And I simply don't believe Joss could have ever been seriously thinking about that. God! The ick factor alone!!!!
Always surprises me how quickly things get 'icky' for viewers. C'mon, people have circles of friends where relationships form and end. People switch partners within their peer group. That whole 'eeew, Giles is their father figure' and 'eeew, they're like brother and sister' is just baffling to me. It's like the first excuse people grab when they don't like a pairing.

I'm sure there's some deep psychological meaning behind all this.
I'm not saying that everyone needs to be pro-B/X, but to say that Joss could never have seriously been thinking of it is something I'm not sure I can follow. The Buffy/Xander pairing was lurking in the show from the very first episode and though its existence had pretty much run its course in the later seasons, the fact that Joss had it in there in the early years means he thought something of it.
Aren't the best relationships the ones where you start as friends?

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