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January 21 2010

Dollhouse's Fazekas and Butters become "Cutthroat". ABC has greenlit a pilot that centers on a single mother who keeps up appearances in Beverly Hills by secretly running a drug cartel. Both will exec produce.

Sounds like "Weeds" meets... ahhh who am I kidding... it sounds like Weeds in BH, though I'm sure they'll take a different spin on it.

'Weeds' was my first thought.
Was mine too. And I haven't even watched the show.
Yep. Weeds over here too.
I guess one advantage of re-using ideas is that you have ready made mind-share, kind of. And it must've made the pitch meeting easier "It's 'Weeds' meets ABC" (you can shop it around to all the big networks just by changing three letters).

Hopefully/presumably there's more that's new than the one line blurb suggests.
If the writing is anything like season 2 of Reaper or Dollhouse's "The Hollow Men and Instinct", then I think I'll pass, Weeds clone or not. I know that's harsh, but it's how I feel. I really dug the first season of Reaper, but right now, those writers/creators have a lot to make up for.
I'm netflixing through Reaper now--Fazekas and Butters are hilarious.
I put the failure of the second season of Reaper down to network interference, they wanted to dig deeper into the mythology but The CW wanted stand-alones... I have hope for them yet, though. I probably won't watch this but if they stick in the 'verse - I'll stick with them.
@Jaymii Perhaps you're right, regarding Reaper. It would explain why it felt like somebody hit the reset button and the characters had not only forgotten everything they had learned about each other and themselves previously, but now seemed more obnoxious with their behavior and mannerisms. I'll check out the new show as far as the pilot goes (if it even gets picked up/broadcast), but if I'm not all that impressed, I'll probably move on.
Sock got more obnoxious in season 2 ?

*is boggled* ;)
What everyone else said :) [re: Weeds-alike].
@Saje Hard to imagine, I know, but it happened. :) weeds then.

Good luck topping it.
Haven't been impressed at all with their work on Dollhouse, so I think i'll pass.
Possibly some Breaking Bad influence too.
I'll skip this "wanna be" Weeds. If I wanted to see a Weeds like show, I'll just watch the original.
@waxbanks *snort* *snicker* *giggle* :)

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