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January 21 2010

Nathan Fillion talks Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Why Kids Need to Read. Audio interview with's Geek Dad.

I like video interviews and I like transcripts but I've listened to a lot of this and although the questions are good, it all seems very awkward... I think this is the reason I don't really listen to podcasts.
There are a lot of quality podcasts out there so you are missing out if you don't give others a shot, Jaymii.
Is there a transcript of this somewhere?
I don't think downloading and giving the interview a quick listen is going to kill ya, UnderTheDark.
It's possible UnderTheDark is deaf or hard of hearing (not intended as a criticism J Linc, just pointing out that what's easy for some may not be as easy for others).

Or maybe on dial-up, so that a 15+ MB download becomes more of a commitment. Or just short of time (reading is almost always quicker than listening).
J Linc, the only ones I've genuinely enjoyed (and made me like the man much more) are The Ricky Gervais Podcasts.

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