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January 21 2010

Dr. Horrible Inventions! has put together an absolutely adorable compilation of Dr. Horrible fan crafts for their "Fandomestic" section. What are your favorite Horrible crafts on the web?

Fixed the link.
Oh.My.God..... Want.
I want the lab coat t-shirt, and the Wonderflonium bag. Those are made of awesome.
I bought the towels - YAY!!!
Oops, sorry, didn't realize I messed up the link. How cute are those ponies? And those cupcakes look way too good to eat!
Teh Ponees are made of WIN!


I mean to say, those small anthropomorphized horses are quite good, what!
the ponies are perfect
A Wonderflonium school bag should be perfect.
I want the Wonderflonium bag. Tell Joss I want the Wonderflonium bag. ;)

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