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January 21 2010

TV Guide's 15 best midseason replacements. Buffy is number four.

Wow in the top five number 4 finally Buffy is getting respect for its accomplishments as a show.
I'm pretty sure they're not in order, as both the Simpsons and Seinfeld are toward the end of the list, and anyone would have to admit they've had a greater impact on pop culture than Buffy.
What Jester said.
Just started watching Grey's, as in, about ten minutes ago. Was wondering why its first season was so short, I guess I know now... I doubt I'll get past the first season.
It said "best", not "most influential".

I'm a broken record (sorry to the 90% of you who don't experientially know what that means), but Buffy, to me and my wife, is not the best mid-season replacement, although it is that; it's TV's crowing achievement.

I do believe I'll go to my grave believing that.
Pretty lame writeup, tho. Buffy is way more than just a scifi/HS show.
Trying to think back to those days..did the WB have enough of a schedule for Buffy and Dawson's Creek to really be "midseason replacements?"
It's not like TV Guide ever really gives heavy hitting critiques in those things. I'm sure if it were worth their time, their write up of Babylon 5 would make my head implode.

I counted no less than 4 American cultural landmarks on that list though. Buffy, Dallas, Seinfeld, and The Simpsons. I'm sure you can make cases for quite a few more on that list, but those are the ones that hit me in the face and say "hey!"

It seems really odd to me that so many influential scripted series in recent history all seem to come out at mid-season when technically that's the graveyard. Then again, that may be more viewer perception then how the networks actually schedule. At THAT time, I thought of those shows as probably fairly poor if they were being release mid-season anyway.
No Twin Peaks? What.....?

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