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January 21 2010

Scott Allie podcast interview where he talks about Twilightgate. They don't reveal the actual spoiler so it's safe to listen to for the unspoiled. He also gives some newish info on Buffy Season 9 in relation to season 8.

The Buffy Season 8 talk starts about 48 minutes in.

Ah! You beat me to it! I guess that's what I get for sleeping in. :)
Can someone post what he says? I had trouble with the player. I think it's just my computer.
There's really nothing new that I could tell...just him being upset over the reveal of Twilight and that season 9 was going to be shorter than season 8.
Well,first he says that Buffy Season 8 was too long.He and Joss feel it ran too long even though the story needed 40 issues to tell it.They both felt that unlike the T.V. series,there was no real Monsters Of The Week episodes to break things up.It was just one long story with one thread and that's a big commitment for the audience.It's a four year commitment.For season 9,they are definitely going to tell a story that won't run as long.

The newish bit is basically that as epic as season 8 is in its scale with its more global scope,it's really a transitional story for the major new staus quo that we'll see in season 9.

He likened it to season 1-7 as being the original staus quo and very defined.Season 8 is the transitonal story to this major new state Buffy and her friends are going to be in.And season 9 is the new defined status quo.He knows some fans prefer the state of Buffy in season 1-7 and don't like change but he's really excited about where things are going and the big changes to the status quo that are coming.
Transitional state: removal of all the slayers in order to return to a single Slayer.

New status quo- back to the future! Focus again on core Scooby gang, without needless worry of writing a story with too many characters that no one cares about and which take focus off main gang that people identify with.
You can be right, Dana5140, if they're going in the line of Twilight/Fray = End of magic.
However we will have one slayer less that your expectations.
If the changes could potentially upset fans who like the status quo, it seems unlikey that Allie is talking about going back to the original set-up of the slayer and her gang.

I'm looking forward to seeing what he does mean.
Chaos man may have it right. I considered whether or not Buffy gets stripped as well. But a show about Buffy the Vampire Slayer who is not a slayer makes little sense to me. But if it were, S9 would almost surely be to return that power to her and her alone. Unless they kill her (again) and end the slayer line forever.
Minus the "Chosen" spell, or prior to that, Faith is the official vampire slayer. Buffy passed the mantle on to Kendra when she briefly died in "Prophecy Girl", then Kendra to Faith when Kendra died in "Becoming". Faith has never died, therefore Faith potentially still holds the title.

If that's how it works. The one thing Joss and the other writers did make clear in interviews over the years was that, if Buffy died again (which she did, in "The Gift"), another slayer would not be called. So in my mind, that means Faith is sort of the "official" one. Without more clarification on how it all works though (wouldn't mind them throwing us a bone on how exactly the Watchers usually managed to find the next called slayer, or sometimes when they were still a Potential, like in Kendra's case--but at this point I kinda assume that, with at least a couple major covens of Witches in the UK, the Watcher's Council probably had their magic at their disposal and could sorta hone in on slayers and soon-to-be-slayers somehow).

Buffy's an exception to the slayer line. She lived because she had her friends' support, whereas past slayers had their watchers (many of 'em) but apparently worked alone, otherwise. As far as we know, a slayer has never come back to life after dying briefly and triggering another. I know the comic's titled after Buffy, but I think it'd be cool if the story maybe acknowledged that she's a fluke/happy accident along the far-reaching line of slayers, but gave the title to Faith, if the story's heading back to just one slayer.

I know it's all about the characters and the arc, and I appreciate that, but I like the mythology too and would like to see it explored further, in a clear way. Can still enjoy the story either way, it's just something I think might be cool is all, depending on how they execute it. It worked in Fray, dropping major hints about the mythology.

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Whatever it is, I am almost certain that the story will be cease with the end of S9. Changing to Faith could be one way to do so. Ending the line another. Ending Buffy another. However it is, if it's any of these, yes, it will piss people off. But I think Joss wants to draw a close on this. Just my opinion.

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