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January 21 2010

Vote for the dress Christina Hendricks should wear to the SAG Awards. Every vote counts and supports Degree’s donation of $50,000 to Clothes Off Our Back. Hendricks’ red dress will be auctioned off by Clothes Off Our Back after the award ceremony.

This is a clever PR move, since the red carpet fashion gets so much attention. And they're all gorgeous. What to choose.
Tough choice, and I wish that we were choosing from pix of the dresses with Christina wearing them.

I chose "B" - Grecian Goddess because,
Christina is my Goddess
The first one!
I chose B. That's my favorite dress. The first one looks too much like a prom dress (to me) and the second one isn't unique enough.
I went with the first, I like the Classic Hollywood thing. Whichever wins, that woman is gorgeous, outrageously so. It offends me how gorgeous she is.
B -- Grecian goddess!
Voted for B. A is something similar to what she has worn on the red carpet before, loving B!
I think B is the nicest one but the one I'd like to see her in is C.
I like the Grecian Goddess, but I think she would look best in the Classic Hollywood. That type of style really seems to fit her.
I picked A. Seemed like the choice that would show off her gorgeous figure the most.
I like A for Christina. Emphasize that hourglass!
I voted C. It seemed to have the most... potential?
I hope that C doesn't win. It's a perfectly lovely dress, but I worry that she'll look a little too Jessica Rabbit in it, with the major curves and the red hair...

A is absolutely the most flattering cut for her.
NOW I want to see Christina singing Why Don't You Do Right? in the third dress!

Um, for charity :D
So, she HAS to wear a dress? j/k .... I pick "C"
I went for A - it's the dress that works best in that colour IMO. Now if B had been white, then it would have been a no brainer.
I picked A, because it's pretty and it looked like it would suit her nicely.
I voted B. The first one looks similar to her usual choices and the last one looks like it might cause shes a Grecian Goddess! Nice.
I picked C; it seemed to have the best skirt part. I liked B, but I wasn't sure how the strap would look.
I went with A, but she'll look gorgeous no matter which one wins.
I wanted A, but Husband clicked B. No matter which dress wins, she'll be gorgeous.
C - A and B are too similar to each other.
Christina and the winning dress can be seen in a one minute red carpet interview here.

Christina says the style selected was "Classic Romantic" but it sure looks like Grecian Goddess to me. Sadly they don't show a full shot of her in the dress.

Christina and the whole dress can be seen here or here (same pics)

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