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November 04 2003

Chaos Bleeds cast interviews. Turns out you don't have to buy the game to view the extras. Dear old Auntie Beeb has some fantastic clips of Joss Whedon, Robin Sachs, James Marsters, Tony Head, Amber Benson and Nick Brendon talking about the game plus individual interviews with Joss, Tony and James talking about seven years of Buffy and more.

Awesome. I picked up the GameCube version of the game, and the James Marsters interview is the only one they left off (space considerations I suppose). The final unlockable extra is the Joss Whedon Voice-Over sessions. You can play as Joss in the multiplayer portion of the game, and the Voice-Over sessions are very funny.
Thanks - this was great. I have the Xbox version and they also didn't have the James Marsters interview. I guess it was because he says he owns like four Playstation consoles but I would've loved to have had him on there as well. They could've edited out him saying he had them and left the rest of the interview if it was considered a conflict of interest. What I liked about the James Marsters interview is that he talked about his great friendship with Sarah and how she is like a little sister to him. I've seen postings before where the cast allegedly all hate her and think she's a bitca but this is a major indication that that isn't true.
James Marsters' interview was a Playstation exclusive, but it was included on a recent edition of the Official U.S. Playstation magazine.
Good God, that was fabulous! JM was adorable, ASH was lickable, and JW... I really wanted to fix his hair. And oh yeah, he was funny and insightful.

Great great link. Thanks. :)

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