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January 22 2010

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson speaks about Caprica's gay character. "It's time for sexuality to be incidental".

Wow, I had forgotten this would be starting today. I'm excited!
Is it the pilot tonight or the proper start of the series?
Here's the Caprica site on SyFy. It says the extended pilot is available for viewing on Rewind, and that this is the "series premiere". I take that to mean that it's the first regular episode.

ETA: It's up on iTunes. No episodes yet, but a couple of previews. I just bought my season pass.

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Cheers. I still haven't watched the pilot yet. Heard very mixed things about it (and I'm still recovering from The Plan).
Hi Simon, "The Plan" was a mess. The Capirca pilot was excellent. The DVD version was pretty surprising, especially the first few minutes . But it settled into good characters and a good mythology base. You get to meet the first Cylon, and you can definitely draw parallels between that Cylon and the humlons of BSG.

Plus, James Marsters and Patton Oswalt will be recurring characters. (Jossverse relevence extended beyond Jane Espenson.)

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For a second there, I thought they'd suddenly cast Christopher Walken when I heard the voice on this promo. "Our daughters. They're gone."
Add me to the "liked the pilot a lot" party. This has the potential to be a very rich show -- interesting range of characters across the morality spectrum with definite parallels to today regarding the blurring of lines between our physical relationships and our online/virtual relationships. I'm excited.
Interesting how when reading the article, I immediately thought of Captain Jack (because he comes from--and is characteristic of-- a future world where his sexuality is incidental) and then they end up talking about Torchwood and even Jack's sexuality but for completely different reasons.

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Pilot good. Doubt it will find an audience big enough to support it.
@gossi It's on SyFy. Like BSG before it, I'm sure it will do fine. :)
I really enjoyed the pilot. So much, in fact, that I think I've watched it four or five times since it came out last Spring. This show has incredible potential.

Don't worry, Simon. I'm not a huge fan of "The Plan" ether. But Caprica feels quite a bit different from BSG, anyway. It really feels like a new beginning rather than something extra that they for some reason decided to make a movie out of.

@gossi This will sound strange, but I don't think SyFy worries too much about how many people watch it. Even Battlestar didn't really have THAT big of an audiance, but the network people actually LIKED it. After the first two seasons were successful, Ron Moore never even considered the possibility that they would be canceled. (You can tell by listening to the episode commentary and reading old interviews).
I really enjoyed the Caprica DVD. If the series is as good as the first installment was, it's going to be a winner.
It is indeed a repeat of the pilot episode tonight. I thought it was very good.

I've been trying for a few days to catch the eye of one of our supreme mods over on .org, because we would like a Caprica thread over there--or else have Caprica added to the BSG thread's title and have the whole moved back into the "active" shows category. I'll take this opportunity to ask over here. Could either of these possibilities happen?
I watched the pilot On Demand. It was quite good. Surprising, at first, because I had no idea what to expect... and then they hit me with something else entirely... but 10 minutes in, I had to know what comes next.

In hindsight, I'm actually glad Dollhouse isn't airing tonight. This way, our interests don't conflict. I can get my family hooked to Caprica at 9pm, then raise the roof with Spartacus at 10pm. :) Can't wait!

Side Q: Is there anyway to watch "The Plan" without buying the DVD? Is it on TV or internet? Just curious.
I have to admit, I'm suddenly very intrigued by this show. Not just for the excellent handling of gayness -- I think Jane is spot-on in her approach -- but for all of it. Hadn't planned to follow it, but now I think I'll remember to add this to my Netflix list in a few months.
Does anyone know if it is coming to SciFi UK - I tried to find out on their site but ... hmmm got nowhere.
I think Sky One has the rights to show it.
And now I'm informed that James Marsters will be in it. This is very tempting indeed...
They are showing it in spring, I think. I read SKY1's Press Release a while back. Even though I fast-forward through adverts, Sky seem to be getting the name out there. And that's a good thing.

I was a pretty huge fan of the pilot, so I expect Caprica to be lush, thoughtful and nice. Might be able to get my family to stick around for the long-haul as well, with it not being set in space and all.
The pilot was a pretty mixed bag. I'll be interested to see where the series goes, but it was all a bit low key. And vaguely soapy. And the first cylon- wowza, what an irritating voice.

Can't wait to see Marsters on it though.
I love the soapy.

I hear it's had all kinds of issues with the network so it'll be interested to see if translates on screen like early Dollhouse.
I think Sky One has the rights to show it.

Aha! thanks Simon I'll keep an eye out for it.
@Caroline Thanks so much!

Oops, except that it won't let me in because of not having the required permissions.

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Is it working now?
Fixed. Thanks, Caroline.
I'm personally not extremely thrilled with the idea. But then I was never into the series/franchise in general...
Love hearing from Jane, but stopped reading just into the second page - it gets very spoilery - I thought the Spoiler tag was for those who hadn't seen the original DVD/Pilot that just aired - but it's more than that.

Off to the new thread on .org. :)
So, Magic Jane is there ahead of me, and making a better case than my screenplay would. Bravo. (But I'll keep writing.)
Can't wait to catch the pilot for this.

I do feel compelled to note, however: if it's time for sexuality to be incidental, maybe we should stop conducting four-page interviews about it.
I do feel compelled to note, however: if it's time for sexuality to be incidental, maybe we should stop conducting four-page interviews about it.

I agree in theory but at this point in history, we're just not there yet, where it can be taken for granted and doesn't need to be said anymore.

Also, the theme of the interview probably has something to do with the site it's on, From the top of the page: "NEWS, REVIEWS & COMMENTARY ON GAY AND BISEXUAL MEN IN ENTERTAINMENT AND THE MEDIA".

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