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January 22 2010

(SPOILER) First look at James Marsters on Caprica.'s Ausiello has the scoop.

Ausiello thinks "an enigmatic and dangerous leader in the monotheist world" sounds Spike-like? Yeah... no.

I'm really looking forward to this, though. About time James got a decent role.
It's once in a blue moon Ausiello actually reports on shows like Caprica, so I'm happy, even if I'm not particularly sure what he meant by his similarity to Spike. The commenter's seem to be loving it, so it's fine.
Nah, not anything like Spike by the sounds of it, but I can't wait to see wee Jimmy in action again. *g*
Well, Spike's dangerous...
Well, if they will try to tie him up, that couch on't seams more resistent that the last chair bad Spike was bind to.
damn....he looks great. Can't wait!
I know it's very shallow, but DAMN that's a lovely picture... Oops... Harmalicious -- I didn't see your comment until now! :) Great minds, I guess... :) I hope he becomes a series regular and that Caprica actually airs in Europe as well. Anyone know anything about that?
He always sells whatever he is on. Here's hoping we get him on 7 seasons of Caprica!
Another good reason 4 watching SyFy on fridays.
I was debating watching this show, as I haven't watched Battlestar Galactica yet, but that just pushed me square in the "I'll watch it" camp. Awesome.
Oh, you don't need to see BSG first.
I never watched BSG either, but I am in the front row for this. Can't wait!! And yes, he does look damn always.
You may not need to watch BSG, but I would recommend it. I hadn't seen them before, but I got the complete set for Christmas and it is stunningly good. So far, I've just started season 3 and except what felt like some problems dealing with the longer season length in season 2 it has been pretty much flawless. Some of the best Sci-Fi I've ever seen.

Any word on when and where Caprica is coming to UK yet?
According to Jane Espenson, its February 2nd on Sky One. However, I think the Sky press release said it'll be starting in spring, so I have no idea. The date might be on the adverts for it I fast-forward through.

ETA: I just now realise I posted a similar thing in the thread underneath...

ETA 2: io9 posted a trailer featuring some Masters in action.

ETA 3: I see its being posted at .org - Damn me for forgetting to visit.

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Cheers for the info Jaymii. I watch so little television nowadays (with most of my viewing being iPlayer, Sky+ and DVDs) that I never know when anything is on. I didn't even know what channel or that it had been advertised. I'll keep an eye out on Sky1's listings.

Edit: A quick glance on the Sky1 website says that it will be coming in February, although no exact date is given.

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