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January 22 2010

Helping Haiti Heal - a multi fandom webcast event. This is a four hour show scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm EST. The aim is to raise lots of money for Partners In Health.

The Firefly fandom is represented by The Signal.

The guy in the video is excited!

Dollverse is also closed today, in an effort to raise money. It's raised $10. Which I donated. Which is better than nothing.
Nice! I hope it's a big success.
@UnofficialME has had a Mercy Corps fundraising page up since last week sometime, but has raised zero dollars. It has a cute name, too, but in reality I don't care where one gives, as long as one does.
This is a great effort!
They've also got The Wave and Knights of the Guild joining up, and I know for a fact that there is going to be a Guild poster signed by the cast as a prize.

(disclaimer: I know this because I am a Staff Member of the HPA, and I'm one of the folks organizing the prizes)
Re. smaller sites not raising money: I suspect that many people (like me) had very little to donate, and did it right away, to well known organizations that were up and running immediately.
My small donation went to Doctors Without Borders.
Gossi, when is Dollverse back up?

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