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January 22 2010

Firefly keychain available for pre-order. Fans were very enthused when they heard about the keychain at the start of the year. The price has now been unveiled and it's a steal at $9.95. And each one you pre-order gives you a chance to win a chrome-finished keychain (one of a kind).

Man, this thing is crazy cool. I saw it at the QMx booth at Creation, and it's gorgeous!

(And, yeah, full disclosure, I do a lot of work for QMx, but I didn't work on this project, and I don't get any piece of this action. I'm just excited about it!)
Just ordered mine. Shiny!
In case you were wondering, shipping to the UK is $55. Seriously, WTF.

See below.

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Ordering complete; anticipation rising.
$55? Yikes.
I got 3. :P They will make awesome gifts.
Hi NotaViking - that's for UPS Express, which is notoriously expensive when shipping overseas. If you ship First Class it's only ~$8.20
Thanks for replying, but obviously that option wasn't there.

If I try now, I get the message, "There is no shipping option for the address you entered. Please go back and check the address." So I guess you're trying to sort it out.
NotaViking - sounds like it's an issue with your mailing address. Please e-mail and we'll get it sorted ASAP.

Thanks for your patience!
Is this a limited edition item or are you gonna keep making them as long as browncoats keep wanting them?
awesome!! I can't believe it's so cheap. I ordered mine already.
sab39 - it's open edition. We'll keep makin' 'em as long as people keep wanting them.
Ok, thanks QMx Andy, will do.
Oooh, cool, I really do still want one. I'm going to try registering for this tomorrow and am glad the overseas shipping should be affordable ;).
Where is the options for Priority? When I tried to order mine it only gave me three options for shipping, and all were very expensive.
Shiny! I wanted this so bad when we first saw it, but I worried it would be pricey. Only $10???? I had to pre-order it immediately. Can't wait to finally have a nice replacement for my now-broken Serenity keychain (the one with the movie logo that they gave out at the prescreenings. It had a lot of sentimental value obviously, but this one is pretty dang shiny!)
Have to do some math...figure out how many I need for Christmas presents...and where to keep them hidden until then...

And Whoo-hoo for open edition! Lovely box too.
Oh yeah, the Christmas gift exchange thing at work...
Don't know if I can wait for Christmas to give them...may have to be birthday gifts...
I'd love to get 1 or 2 or some more if it wasn't for the shipping costs to Germany
$13,45 for 1 keychain is a little pricey
$36,16 for 2 is just ridiculous, ordering separately would be cheaper
prices changed a little overnight, so maybe there's hope they'll come up with another option
For what it's worth, I got the USPS - First-Class Mail International shipping option, at $8.26 on the first try, shipping to The Netherlands. I've now pre-ordered.

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Yeah, the pricing is all over the place. I would love to preorder but I think I'll wait til it calms down.

Hey QMx, please fix your pricing. I'm sure it's just a glitch.
I like the idea of tons of little Fireflies flying all over the world to their destinations.
I'm feeling peer pressure. May have to purchase the small, shiny firefly...
Have ordered two, with approx $14AUD for shipping.
Nine weeks until they're released into the wild, though? :( That'll be a tough wait.
I'm feeling peer pressure. May have to purchase the small, shiny firefly...


So excited for this. I can't wait to have it! Seriously, it's a little sad how much I want this.
Braeden - I don't know how you managed it but for shipping to AU for 2 keychains my shipping options range from $75.78 to $37.59 USD - needless to say, at that price I have to pass it up, no matter how much I love QMx stuff

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I still think it'd be awesome if the prongs at the back of the ship could also be used as a bottle opener.
Folks who are having trouble with shipping rates, here's a tip: First Class Mail (which is the cheapest rate by far) limits us to a maximum of .8 of a pound per shipment. If you have more than two keychains in your order, you exceed that limit and so the First Class Mail option isn't displayed.

Those of you ordering more than 2 keychains, I'd suggest splitting your order. That should get your shipping back down to a reasonable level (especially for overseas).

Hope that helps!

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