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January 23 2010

Cover art for the first two Buffy omnibi posted by Simon & Schuster. Interestingly, they don't use the familiar BtVS logo, nor do Buffy or any other characters appear.

I think it's because they want the books to fit in with the other supernatural/urban fantasy books out there.
I think it's licensing. You have to pay to use the logo, the term "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" with the font they use, etc. They had the licensing for original work, but these are reprints, so I would guess they would need to approach Fox re cover art again.
They look pretty stylish.
Redesigned for the Twilight generation
I guess we really are old.
A pedant writes:

The correct plural of "Omnibus" is "Omnibuses". It comes from the dative plural of the Latin "Omnis", All, and literally means "for all". The OED calls "Omnibi" 'an assumed or (humorously) confected ‘plural’ of classical Latin omnibus, after Latin plurals in -i'.
Yep, people already said it -- shameless pitch to make them reminiscent of the "Twilight" series covers. Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra, again.
KingofCretins: So true.

But as many of the books as I do have, I don't think I have those (except Halloween Rain apparently) and they are still really pretty (I'm kinda shallow sometimes for the pretty) so I kind want those.
Sigh, not commenting on the new cover art...

But I do remember when the original series of novels were first released. I think I was around 8 or 9 at the time and already a Buffy fanatic. I saw an ad in a magazine for the novels and demanded that I be taken to every book store, while we were on vacation in Florida, until I found them all. I was a bit of a bitch as a child.
But you're okay now, right? :)

Seriously though, I rather like the cover art for both, and they mostly remind me of the style of the Chosen Collection DVD set.
that cover is super pretty as said above. to be honest all of those old novel covers (as well as comic covers) are pretty cheesy looking. i'm digging this new look.
mr_waterproof, thank you for being the Latin pedant in my absence.
I remember, 10 years ago, reading 'Coyote Moon' and 'Halloween Rain' (and aaaaall the others) on the way to school. It's quite tricky to read and walk, but that's how in love with Buffy I was. Strange to think that it's all being re released with a different edge to it; lovely to realise that it's still so relevant to people.
There were probably red candles at some point in the series that I'm forgetting, but is that pendant a prop from a certain ep ? It doesn't look like Spike's/the big gaudy Wolfram & Hart resurrecting-necklace-thing, but maybe from another ep ? Doesn't look like Anya's green Vengeance Demon pendant either, or what I vaguely remember Halfrek's looking like.

Oh whatever, these aren't even canon and I'm not as much caring about the covers as I would for comic books where art is part of the contents.
Well...I personally have zero issues with the covers for the re-releases, but I wasn't super-obsessive about tie-in books for IPs like Buffy or Star Wars or Star Trek having certain kinds of cover art.

Honestly, while I've only ever glanced at the pre-film release versions of Twilight books' cover art, I find them only vaguely similiar. Plus, the Harry Potter series did it as well (and maybe first?), with Bloomsbury or Scholastic releasing versions of the series with rather stylistic art on the cover instead of the "regular" drawn art representations of Harry & co. on their adventures. Something about keeping adults obsessed with the series from getting teased ;)
with rather stylistic art on the cover instead of the "regular" drawn art representations of Harry & co. on their adventures. Something about keeping adults obsessed with the series from getting teased ;)

Perhaps these public transport friendly new releases are an excuse for me to start legitimately re-reading all that crap...
I think they look awesome, I really like them.
I'm absolutely okay with them trying to appeal to teenage girls/older women who particularly dug Twilight and it's relatively stylish IMO so I don't mind the covers really changing the logo does bother me a bit. I'll accept that thing about not wanting to pay for licensing the logo though it seems pretty silly for both sides since presumably they'd both want to keep up brand familiarity.

I'm not sure if I read any of these books in particular but most of the ones I remember seeing all had photo covers that didn't particularly reflect the content within (whether focusing on the right characters or even if their wardrobe corresponded with the right season) so I'm okay with this more abstract imagery.

That said, it really irked me when I saw things in the common domain reprinted like Romeo and Juliet or Wuthering Heights to try and market themselves with that exact same style of stark imagery.
Point taken and appreciated, Mr. Waterproof. As something of a pedantrist myself, I am in complete sympathy with your observation.

However, for the sake of simplicity, I opted to use what seems to have become the more common phrase these days for omnibus plural. It may not be good English, but its found its niche nonetheless (see also normalcy and agreeance).

For what it's worth, in their communications with me, Simon & Schuster have described the books with the terms "collections" and "bind-ups", so I can stick with either of those in the future. :)
I like the covers, actually. I believe I have already read all the novels collected in the two volumes, but that has been a long time ago so I think it would be fun to go back and revisit them in collected form. I plan on getting these because I am a shameless fool for anything Buffy. lol. Does anyone know how many volumes they are planning to release?
Jossfan 21, the publisher said they'd like to do more...provided, of course, the first two sell well.
ouch, English degree and I used "omnibi" in a sentence just this week. (Ducks under desk) so, novels worth reading? I found in other fandoms not so much, but Buffy is always the ego to the id.
I really like these! They look to me like they could be the original covers to the lost (nonexistent) books that Buffy was based on.
I really like these new covers.. they're very pretty. :D
Simon & Schuster is now listing the first volume to be released in June, rather than the originally announced month of May (no specific date yet). The second book remains listed for August.

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