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November 04 2003

Are networks losing young-male appeal?. Men aged between 18 and 34 seem to be switching off from the major American networks but USA Today points out that Angel is bucking this trend.

Though as someone mentioned on the Angel's Soul Spoiler Board, the same demographic will probably be going en masse to the Matrix Revolutions premiere tomorrow night.

So it'll be interesting to see the ratings for tomorrow's episode of Angel.

Jeff Zucker of NBC said it best just today: American network shows this fall suck for the most part. Angel is the only show I remain devoted to, there are other shows I watch of course but if I miss them I don't really care. I've tried watching most of the new shows and just wasn't interested. Instead of blaming the Neilsens they should try to focus on making better programming.
They should also give shows more of a chance. A show like Firefly, which was poorly promoted, pre-empted for Baseball several times, and shown at midnight instead of it's 8 o'clock time slot several times but no notice was given by Fox that the time had been moved for the night was a show that I think guys would've absolutely loved. My husband, myself and our two kids loved it and I think it had a lot of qualities that guys would love. The shows they yanked it for do not appeal to my husband at all and those shows are all the reality based type.

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