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January 24 2010

Nathan Fillion jokes about Serenity sequel. Comic News Insider recorded their "Best of '09" podcast and asked for folks to call in with picks. Nathan called in and left a hilarious message! I know people will want to know the time stamp (56:20 - Simon) but it's really a great show as they cover Sci-Fi shows/films as well as comics and their top of '09. Check the whole episode out!

Nathan is on about 56 min in
Where is Nathan's comment relative to entire runtime?
How misleading can you get with that title? Shame shame.
58ish minutes in. And yeah, the title needs rewording.

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Yes the title is very misleading. I would reword it faster if I could find the actual content.
I have reworded the title.
I like watching the reponses to the original title on Twitter.
Ah, found it. It's roughly halfway through, for those of you downloading it in a browser like me. It is very brief.
I think when it comes to phrases like "Serenity sequel", "Angel season 6" or "Buffy reunion movie" - people might want to think about the impact their headlines may have (especially when humo(u)r is involved).
Could someone who listened be really super awesome and transcribe the joke ? Having tech issues..
Wow, and they even caution the listener not to go and post about a Serenity sequel. ;)
I surmise no one wants a Serenity sequel more than Nathan, and he is good-humored about his (shared) unwarranted perpetual hope for this unlikely eventuality. It is this "never say die" irrational passion, which he shares with his fellow Browncoats, that makes such comments merely a bit of poking fun at us all, he included. For those who cannot find the dark humor in this, I can only refer you to the quintessential SNL Star Trek convention parody where William Shatner addresses the costumed and fervent Trekkies and exclaims, "Get a life!" >smile< Thanks for the good-natured jab, Nathan.
Nathan describes Aliens being a movie he'll watch no matter what. Once he tuned in to it on tv and noticed a scene he hadn't seen before and says it was "like Christmas and getting a sequel to Serenity all at once."
I don't think Nathan really wants a Serenity sequel but this was an opportunity for him to turn it around on the endless question. And boy, Nathan, do you have good taste. Aliens is a favorite of mine; in fact, I think it's a far better film than the original
Hee, hee! Oh, that's just typical Nathan being his adorable self. Think we all know better, just his way of saying, "Hi!"
Off topic, kinda, but for sheer suspense, pacing, mood, claustrophobia, acting, set design, and horror, nothing matches the original Alien. Ridley Scott nailed the fucker.

I love horror movies like a crazy mad thing, and nothing matches or exceeds Alien. Aliens is a really great, wonderfully realized action flick, expertly done and hugely entertaining, but a completely different animal than the original. It's Sci-Fi Action, not horror. Very, very different.

That is all. >click<
Jimmy here. One of the hosts of Comic News Insider. I think "nakedandarticulate" is a regular listener of my podcast (as are many Browncoats) and was being a bit humorous himself (following Nathan's lead in the phone message) when posting the title. We all seem to think a sequel is never going to happen. Ergo the humor. I'm sure he meant no harm by the title. I like the analogy "History" made about the Shatner SNL sketch. Very true. We should have a sense of humor about it! Nathan would want it that way. :)

Thanks to Nathan for heeding the call in and leave his message.
The trouble is that when an entry gets posted at Whedonesque, only the title gets seen on Twitter and some RSS feeds. So when Serenity sequel appeared on people's feeds (without knowing the context) then much excitement occurred. Web 2.0 really takes all the fun out of things.
Thank-you, Tin Ear Tom. Both of the first two Alien flicks are great in their own right, but they're different animals (despite sharing the same main actor, same threat, and a continuing/extended storyline). Prefer the first one, myself.
Thanks for posting this.
"In space, no one can hear you scream."

In the black, we hear the screaming and wonder if anyone's listening.
I dunno. Tastes change. What I liked as a kid, is not necessarily at the top of the list anymore. And Aliens has more humor. And pointed left crosses, uppercuts, and jabs at corporate America and the military.
Tonya J,

NF: Firefly was an incredible lesson for me. I really fell in love with that show and the people I was working with and the story we were telling and the character I was playing. I fell in love and when it was taken away my hopes were dashed, I was crushed entirely. I though, I was disillusioned. I was angry, I was so angry and then the fans, the fans came through and then Joss made this thing happen and then this perfect storm of positivity that the wonderful people over at Universal, taking it upon themselves to say ďyeah, thereís a story to be told here and lets do itĒ so Iíll never give up hope. When people say ďis there gonna be another SerenityĒ not so far as I know, I mean when there will be youíll know. People come to me when Iím signing their autograph ďIs there going to be another SerenityĒ, this isnít where youíre going to find out, this isnít going to be the arena. But Iíll never say never, I can say not right now, not that I know of, nobodyís said anything to me, I could tell you that. Thatís the truth, not right now, nothing right now, thatís the fact, but never say never, Iíve learned that because thereís Serenity of course.

Am I supposed to feel chastised, like I've been told? My opinion is only worth something to one person, me. I think it's lovely that he says all that, but really, what is he going to say, that he doesn't want to do a sequel?
Tonya J,

Here have a unconditional hug.

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