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January 24 2010

Jayne Cobb is My Boyfriend T-Shirt. Available in beige or green. I believe the Serenity Kanji Patch is new too.

Here is a link directly to that shirt, which I had to scroll to find.

I even like the color. Alas, I do not like the color on me.
Can I get a "Kaylee Frye is my girlfriend" one?
Raggedy Edge,

There are two colors a beige and a green one.

Great idea. There is a contact page. I've used it to make suggestions before.
Is there a Mal one?

No boyfriend shirt. You could suggest that one.

There is a Serenity Captain Mal Wanted T-Shirt and other Mal shirts at the link.

There is also Jason Palmer Mal shirt

Wonder if Jason Palmer would add words to his shirts. He probably has a contact page too.
This Jayne-love from Ripple Junction (the t-shirt maker) is getting ridiculous. If RJ ever watches the film they're going to be shocked to discover that Jayne is just one of several characters.
Dude, I love Jayne and I think the fan-fervor he inspires is pretty warranted, but if Firefly had continued as long as Buffy or even just Angel, and Jayne had survived all those seasons (possibly foreshadowed by Book's words to him in...I wanna say "The Message" ?), I think we'd be seeing it on a larger scale and likely as annoying as over-the-top Spike fans (love Seasons 2 to 6 Spike, don't get me wrong, just...y'know. Yikes).

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