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January 24 2010

Happy Birthday Stephanie Romanov! Raise a glass for truly one hell of a lawyer.

She turns 41 today.

Yes indeed, happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

Looking at IMDB I realized how underused she is... :(

[ edited by Angel TheVampire on 2010-01-24 23:40 ]
Best wishes! :)
Elegant, riveting. Happy Birthday, Stephanie Romanov!
I couldn't put it better! Happy Birthday, Stephanie!
Happy Birthday Stephanie! Lilah always was my favourite lawyer and one of my favourite characters in the Buffyverse :)
I'm a little late, but happy birthday to everyone's favorite evil lawyer. :)
I have a bit of wierdness, remembering her just as much as Deni Scarpetta "Ladyshoes" from Due South as remembering her as Lilah. And her comedy part in Spy Hard pops to mind as well. Barbara Dahl.

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Hard to imagine Angel without Lilah. And Ms. Romanov completely, utterly rocked the part. Cheers, Stephanie!
I'm raising a glass for a dead sexy hell of an Evil lawyer*! Three Huzzahs for the birthday girl!

Also, by lawyer I mean TV lawyer.
And by Evil I mean impressively acted.

...And by glass I mean...
...Not a glass.

Happy Birthday Stephanie - You brought Lilah to life (or death) :)
Happy Birthday Stephanie!
yes one hell of a lawyer and a heck of a babe as well!
Happy (late!) Birthday to the best looking woman in the Jossverse...Stephanie.
May all your horses be champions!

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