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January 24 2010

Happy Birthday Enver Gjokaj! He turns 28 today.

He has entered both our verse and our hearts. Lets hope he stays awhile.

Happy birthday Mr. greatest actor on TV!
Many thanks for all the Dollhouse fun this year and best wishes in the year ahead! Happy birthday! :)
Presumably his twin brother Demir, who appeared in The Attic, also turns 28 today. ;)
Heyyyy, so they actually used his twin! That didn't even occur to me. I asked him back in October if they'd be using his twin, and he and Dichen gave very coy, avoid-y answers. Can't believe I didn't make the connection.
Thank you Enver for blessing us with your talent!! Hope to see you more in TV and movies. Happy Birthday!!
Sigh- younger than my older kids. :-) But an actor deserving wider recognition.
Happy birthday to Enver! A very welcomed addition to the Whedonverse.
Happy birthday, Enver!!
An awful thing happened this year when I turned 30. I realized that my heroes are becoming people who are younger than me. It's strange. I don't like it. Is there a reset button?

And happy bday Enver =)
Happy Birthday Enver! Hope to see you on our screens again soon :)
Happy Birthday, Enver! Dollhouse will someday be better known through a whole new generation of fans who discover the Whedonverse because it was an early entry on your filmography. Thank you for two seasons of jaw-droppingly astonishing performances and for ALWAYS being your best.
I was amazed at his impersonation of Topher. Anyone know if they dubbed in Fran's voice, or if that was Enver?
Happy birthday, Enver! If you aren't one of the most critically acclaimed stars in Hollywood in the next ten years, I'll be pretty damn surprised. Thanks for an amazing run on Dollhouse and looking forward to your next project!
fruit punch mouth I wondered the same thing about his Dominic. I can hear just a little bit of variation in his Topher though. I'm fairly sure they're both his own work.
He's an unbelievable actor. His resume is going to be loaded after Dollhouse.
Happy birthday, Enver! I <3 you! You are so amazingly talented and it has been such a joy watching you on Dollhouse every week for the past two seasons. I wish you a great day and much success in the year ahead. :)
fruit punch mouth and Xantastic1316- It was all Enver, apparently. Confirmed via Fran's twitter.

Happy Birthday, Enver! You are truly my TV boyfriend, to whom no real man can ever measure up. Enjoy your long and successful career!
His work on Dollhouse contains components of the most awesome demo reel imaginable. Who wouldn't hire the guy? Happy birthday, Enver, and every future success!
Happy birthday Enver, I hope to see more of you this coming year!
Best Wishes Enver (and Demir) I'm sure we'll see more of your outstanding acting in the future.
Happy birthday to the most ridiculously talented actor (still, only just) currently on television. And his brother :) Good luck for 2010!
Happy birthday, Enver/Victor/Anthony/Dominic/Lubov/Roger/Terry/Kiki/Topher/Dr. Freudenstein!!!!!!!

You are an otherworldly actor. And as Topher (perhaps) might say, I want to have your babies, even though I'm a dude!
Happy Birthday Enver!
Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent. Happy Birthday, Enver Gjokaj! (And you too, Demir!)
Happy Birthday, mister chameleon! (Also: there's apparently a twin? These guys could probably rule the world, if they so chose ;). Also also: I'm older than Enver. Heh. I'm starting to get old. I'm hitting 30 this year, dispatch, so I feel your pain ;)).
Happy Birthday Enver! Your talent seems to know no bounds and it has been an absolute pleasure watching you take the screen these last couple seasons on Dollhouse. Best wishes and I as well cannot wait to see what you end up in next!
Happy Birthday, Enver! You make difficult, disparate roles look effortless and you're a joy to watch. Thanks!
Does anyone else think that, for some roles, Demir fills in for Enver? Or that Ben is Glory?

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