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January 25 2010

Pics of Joss Whedon at last night's Producers Guild Awards. He was accepting the Vanguard Award for achievements in new media and technology. If you look at the "Backstage and Audience" section, you'll seen some photos of Joss and a very dapper Neil Patrick Harris.

Just got home from working this (as the up-the-stairs-if-you-need-a-hand-while-accepting-your-award escort), and it was truly a treat to see Joss honored by Neil.

He gave one helluva speech. On feeling like he didn't deserve the award, he quoted Amy Acker saying, "It's like Obama's peace prize. It's about what you're going to do."

I was lucky enough to speak with Joss and Neil afterwards (and get photos!), and they are nothing but gentlemen. Re: Dollhouse, when I mentioned my heartbreak over Boyd and Bennett he said, "Come's me!" Also, apparently,

Neil said the biggest thing holding back Dr. Horrible 2 at the moment is just finding out how much they can do with it, i.e. whether it will be another web series or "an 80 million dollar movie."
Thanks for the write-up. Yours is the first coverage I've seen of what Joss said.
Cheers, thanks for this.
Joss is totally vanguardian. Purpl-exing. Thank you for the details, BKnick!
Thanks, bknick, for writing up on the event and Joss' words, especially those about Dollhouse! Excited (and scared) for the finale this Friday...
Didn't see the awards show, but l am happy to know that Joss received an award.
Hopefully a video of his acceptance speech will pop up on the web here somewheres...!
The first coverage I saw about it was this tweet last night. Meanwhile, also on Twitter, Megan Masters from E! Online asked for questions for Joss, so I suggested she ask whether or not we'll still know hisn ext project by the time Dollhouse ends. She said he gave her "a sort of-answer to this" and to check E! Online's Watch with Kristin Spoiler Chat tonight.
I hope someone somewhere was able to tape Joss' acceptance speech! Thank you bknick, I'm jealous but grateful that you were there; will you post the photos you took?
Yes, thanks bknick! And on a personal note, Joss, you look so handsome in those photos, thank you for losing the beard, and congratulations on being honored by the Producers Guild.
How cool! Thanks for the report. :)
Hollywood Reporter:
Neil Patrick Harris presented the Vanguard Award for technology and new media to writer-director-producer Joss Whedon, calling him "perhaps the only pioneer in the field of sing-along blogs," a reference to "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog," on which they collaborated.

"Joss Whedon doesn't just build stories, he builds entire universes," Harris said, admitting that he had just begun to work on Internet projects. Whedon likened the award to Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize -- "it's (for) what you're going to do."

Photos of myself with each of the esteemed guests are now up on Flickr

Unfortunately, I was working the front of the stage and thus couldn't take pictures during the awards. But I can assure you, they all looked quite dapper.

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