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January 25 2010

Alan Tudyk talks Firefly's cancellation, Serenity and the Wash spin-off comic book. And his proposal to Joss about his idea for a Firefly prequel is probably the funniest thing you will hear all day.

Hmmm... Could "The Wash Cycle" be the subject of Joss's FX lunch =P?
'The Wash Cycle' - I'd watch that.
Hysterical. "The Wash Cycle." How great that would be.
I like how the site thinks Oswalt's story is a fanfic, not an actual comic being published by Dark Horse.
I seriously love Alan Tudyk and I love the idea of Joss doing a series of short television specials (for cable) of varying lengths covering individual stories about our BDHs. Alan does NOT look 10 years older (at least seeing him play a prequel would not stretch my credulity). And Ron Glass could do a prequel too!

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'The Wash Cycle'. Love it!
It's all coming to fruition. ;o

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Yeah, I'm with b!X here... they really thought the Patton Oswalt comic was a fan fic? Come on! I am definitely looking forward to that one, though.
Aw c'mon--by the 2500s, they won't still be doing meth, will they ?

b!X, my reading of it was, the site thinks that Oswalt maybe wrote it first (for himself maybe?), then showed it to Joss ? Which would essentially make it fanfic (or kinda spec script-ish?), until Joss loved it so much that he said, "Let's make a comic out of this" ? Maybe they heard something about how Oswalt wrote it that we didn't ?
It's all coming to fruition. ;o

Don't you mean rinse?
The Wash Cycle: Fruition of the Loom :)
Isn't that Tyler Labine he's sitting with?
Tyler Labine also stars in the film, so that seems entirely possible.
I'd watch that! Alan is great. Has been AMAZING on Dollhouse.
No doubt I'd watch that. I'd die every night from such epic television, but I want to say it'd be worth it!
Come on Joss! It's a must see! xD

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