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January 25 2010

Christina's gown "safe and boring"? NY Post compares and contrasts ("and critiques!") gowns worn by actresses who attended both awards ceremonies.

Looks like Christina went with the Grecian Goddess gown most of us liked from the three choices. Lovely. Simply lovely.

She also wins PopWrap's "Best Boobs" category in the Best & Worst Dressed of the GG. Ummm...yay?

It's the NY Post - they're practically a tabloid. Their Page six is less accurate then the Enquirer, so what does that say? These are the same people who slam women like Megan Fox for dressing overly provocative every time she's on the red carpet, then knock someone is a gorgeous and elegant gown, like Christina's for being boring. It wasn't boring. It was classic and lovely and she looked amazing!

The editors just want to stir the sh!t, that's all. That's why I don't read the post.
I only came across that "article" because I was looking for information on the whole Leno/O'Brien fiasco. I just posted it here because of the other two posts re: the lovely Christina and her dresses. Figured those who'd voted would like to see her in the dress.

I have an urge to stop watching Braveheart (One of these days I'll actually watch it all the way through again) and put in "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and "Trash."

"Oh, I'm going to that special hell."
You really can't seem to win with these types sadly. She looked great in both venues so it doesn't really matter to me what they think of her dresses.
Not that I give a damn about the New York Post, but the red dress is better. Christina is one of the few who could pull off a look like that. I think with the GG dress, you see the dress wearing her, not the other way around.
I still liked the first red dress better.
Yay, the one I voted for. :) She looks amazing. Well, she always looks amazing, but she looks amazing in the red dress.
Thanks Shadow. I was wondering which dress won. Something obviously people at the NY Post had no clue the reason why she was in that red dress.

BTW - Just found the auction for the dress, here. Opening bid is $1000.00. Size 8.

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I'm anything but a fashionista (I live in sweats) but she looked better in the red. The other dress was really the wrong colour for her with her pale skin. She needs a vibrant jewel tone to set off her skin and hair. Just my opinion.
That red dress looks different from all three in the earlier vote, no? She looks lovely of course, because she always does, but actually I agree with the article, it's kind of plain beside the other awesomer dress. She really rocked that one.
She could wear a potato sack and look amazing.
"Her figure described a set of parabolas that could cause cardiac arrest in a yak." - Woody Allen
She looks lovely in both of them, but the red dress isn't the grecian dress from the poll. It's not the first one, either. Could it be the third one? I don't remember there being two one-shoulder styles in the poll.

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