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January 25 2010

Spartacus premiere ratings set Starz record. Great news for Dollhouse alumns Steven DeKnight, Andrew Chambliss, Tracy Bellomo, Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon.

Well, who wouldn't wanna watch c***s and b***s up close? And the cool bloodspray? The drama...

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Bravo! Well deserved.
Excellent news! I've been keeping a close eye on this series, sounds fascinating. Yep, this is in Deknight's ballpark.
Watched the first ep on Netflix last night. Was mostly entertaining, though it definitely had a cheap 300 feel to it. I think I'll give it another shot or two but I don't see it becoming "appointment TV" though, if not, I may still check it out at the end of the season.
The writers' confidence in interviews (mostly thinking of Maurissa's) that the show finds its footing by the fourth episode, plus some viewers' comments that the second ep is different than the first (gossi's, specifically?) in terms of tone or less slow-mo or flash or something, has me curious to see how the series shapes up in its first season.
I like how different players put different spins on things. TVBTN rips these numbers apart.
Hey, you shouldn't leave out Dollhouse alum Erin Cummings!

I thought the first ep was a little too ... 'flash' is as good a word as any. But I suppose it is now "traditional" for the premiere episode on a pay-cable network to feature as much nudity, sex, and gore as they can possibly pack into one hour. Not that I mind all of that so much, but there has to be more substance developing soon, or it won't be appointment TV, as E-Rawk noted.
Sometimes pilots just suck, too. I'm trying to think of a better example of a show being better overall than its pilot, but off the top of my head, Jake 2.0. The premiere was basically Spider-Man, more than a little goofy/standard, and just didn't impress me. The second ep was loads better. Many of the later eps were way better. The show took a while to find its footing (and then it got canned).

Pilots aren't always indicative of what's to come (which I suppose might be viewed as a failure of the showrunners by some audience members, but I dunno. It happens a lot in TV).

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