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January 25 2010

Buffy Season 8 Volume 3 is a 'Great Graphic Novel for Teens'. The American Library Association picked Drew Goddard's 'Wolves at the Gate' arc as one of their graphic novels that met "the criteria of both good quality literature and appealing reading for teens" in 2010.

This is a good choice, methinks.

This also reminds me how I first encountered "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Many years ago, I raked through a local comic book store's shelves. A woman came in, first slightly bemused, then asking for a comic book called "Buffy", desired for by her daughter. It caught my eye and I said "Here, Ma'm.", then taking myself a first look: The cover already told me, that the story was about a teenager, fearlessly fighting a bunch of horrible demons. The woman, who meanwhile had also examined one issue, asked, doubtfully: "Is this really something for a girl?" I said: "I guess it's exactly the right thing. Your daughter seems to have good taste." But while I thought that was good stuff in order to encourage teenagers, I didn't think it was stuff for grown-up me. Little did I know! It took me dimwit, I dunno, months?, a year?, until I unwittingly switched in "Hush" on TV - and my jaw dropped and I was captured & raptured from the very first minute :-D

This was some droll story from my life ;-)

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Excellent story, Cleveland, and excellent story from Drew.
Mmmm. I began watching Buffy from the beginning, thinking it would be a nice diversion for a evening viewing. I had seen the movie and kind of liked it. What a revelation! While I had expected some light diversion, I found a show that hooked me, made me laugh, made me cry, made me care more for the characters than any other show before or since. I am rewatching Buffy and Angel dvds now.(Not much on tv lately.) I love the dialogue, the characters, the themes. I often wonder about how hard it must be for the actors to move on to other roles after getting to say those lines, perform those plots.

Good for Drew. He is a talented guy. I am reading the comics too. Not quite the same, but I need my fix. And why does everybody out there think these stories are just for teenagers?I don't really think I am a case of arrested development.

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