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"Harmony has minions?"
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January 25 2010

Bid for a Jayne Little Damn Hero signed by Adam Baldwin. All proceeds go to The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation.

Yet another thing only fans with money can afford :( I wish just once they would do a raffle rather than an auction for these things.
I think online raffles may be seen as online gambling and that could cause legal problems in certain countries. I think that's the case. I could be wrong.
Ah, fair enough. Still annoying though.
Sigh. I managed to break Vera and lose the cigar on my Jayne. Sadly, I broke Vera on the day I got it. :/

So, it's fairly breakable. Just FYI.
Since we're talking about Adam Baldwin, I'd like to mention last night's episode of Chuck. It was a good one, with opportunities for Adam's character to be both terrifying & hilarious.

After one bit of badassery, contemplating his next action, he exclaimed "Bored Now."

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