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January 26 2010

Drones gets high praise at Slamdance Film Fest. Slug Magazine calls Amber Benson and Adam Busch's new comedy, "One of the biggest crowd-pleasers of Slamdance 2010, this film uses actors and location to craft something unique in American cinema."

I remember Jonathan Woodward talking about this at the Convention last year. From the trailer it looks fun.
i really enjoyed Amber's film Chance and hope i have the opportunity to see this in a theator.
You know, whenever I see "Drones" here I keep hoping that it'll be Maurissa and Jed releasing the full song.

In any case, I'm glad it seems to be a good movie. Hopefully I'll be able to see it sometime.
Wish she'd do an Italian Neo-Realism style film about a young actress who acquires a middle-aged stalker.

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