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January 26 2010

The hiring of Jayne in 'Out of Gas' as performed by Kinetic Typography. More classic sci-fi scenes done in this manner can be found in this SciFi Wire feature.

Surprisingly awesome. Can't say the same about the other ones in the feature unfortunately.
That was great!
I love these - The whedonverse has so much fantastic material that would work really well as kinetic typography.

Now I want to make one - I think Spike alone could provide so many speeches.
That was awesome! I could hear it all in my head. I like the font choices.
Best job interview, ever.
A graphic reminder of just how awesome Firefly was.

That was a visual/aural treat. Look at the comments, it got someone into Firefly too. Sweet.
I'd never heard of kinetic typography before. Why did I love that so much. Really. It was pretty much just words appearing to dialogue I was already familiar with, so... why was it so damn pleasing? I actually don't get it. Are there rules to this kinetic typography? Some sort of magic included that makes it so cool? Huh. New mystery in the world. Awesome!
Wow, that was the special kind of beautiful. Unexpected.
Ahhh... Firefly the radio play - oh the possibilities!

Speaking of which, I wonder where all those Jack Flanders cassettes have gotten to...
I loved it. The one joke that does not work is when Mal asks "You share a bunk?" and Jayne answers "With that one." That line is only funny with a visual of the guy (in my opinion)... but this was still so much fun to watch.
pancakegirl - Maybe it's just because I'm already familiar with it, but for me, the joke did work because you get it, you know? Even if you're not seeing "that one," you know that whoever "that one" is is someone you'd really rather not share a bunk with. I think it works as a non-visual joke.
The gunshot making a hole in the background oozing blood was a priceless detail.
Yes, the gunshot was awesome. I jumped in my seat. (IJIMS? hee hee, watch, it'll catch on.)

Xanman,I guess what I'd meant to say was that it was the one element that did not stand on its own without a visual. The joke still worked for me, but if I hadn't seen the episode, I wouldn't have laughed. If Firefly was a radio show, I bet Jayne would have elaborated. It works as a nonvisual joke, but I still think its way funnier with the visual.

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