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January 26 2010

(SPOILER) Sean Maher on Human Target tonight. Sean Maher guest-stars tonight at 9pm on FOX, in an all-new episode of Human Target (Embassy Row). Canadians actually got to see this last night - what did you think?

Doesn't it feel great to have Sean back on our screens twice over the span of a week? :)

I think the show's really cheesy. Maher's role was pretty small, really - he spends most of the episode lying on a couch, with some talking bits at the beginning and end. Nice to see that he has a paying gig, but this was slumming it for him.
Actually, I saw Sean on Mentalist last week, and he had a pretty significant part. Good for him for staying busy! Also, I happen to like Human Target.
I really like Human Target as well. It is from a comic book, so a little 'cheesy' is perfectly acceptable, even preferable, in my book. I also happen to really like Mark Valley, so it's all good to me.
I really liked it. I missed the premiere episode, was that extra cheesy? This one didn't seem that way, it was just fun. Probably being a fan of Chuck helps-- I'm used to stupid spy plots. Lots of good actors there too, who know how and when to switch between comedy and drama (my favorite kind of actor), and Emmanuelle Vaugier is just so easy to look at.
Human Target is growing on me episode by episode. I wasn't thrilled by the pilot. Loved seeing Sean on it. Who was the girl? I recognize her, but can't quite place her.

Oh nevermind. Thanks dispatch.

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I'm watching that episode of The Mentalist now, and there's another Buffyverse actor in there! Werewolf hunter guy from Buffy is the police chief. I recognized his voice even before I saw his face. He's got one of those voices you don't forget.
I enjoyed the episode and thought Sean did a good job in a fairly small role. My biggest beef with Human Target is the music -- they use nearly the exact same music for scenes that are wildly different. At least the music volume was turned down a bit this week!
Yeah it's a variant on the theme music which just feels off to me cabri, the martial tone of it doesn't fit IMO (in general they don't seem quite sure what tone the show's aiming for yet).

Not a big role for Sean (his spot on 'The Mentalist' was bigger) but they left it open for him to come back I guess.

Quite like the show in general, sort of a 'MacGyver' meets 'Alias' vibe to it (liked the pilot too, I thought Tricia Helfer played a cool part very well) though it's quite slight and episodic at the moment and could run out of legs pretty quickly IMO, they need to enrich the world quite soon I think (which in fairness they started to with the FBI agent).

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