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January 26 2010

Official Dollhouse auction gets updated. Neural disruptors and wedges! And Joss' chair back. And lots of other non-clothing items. All drool-worthy.

"ASITHOL" shoes!!!! I had a geekgasm when I saw those.

Now, who wants to start up a collection so I can afford to bid on those babies? :)
Wow, so much good stuff this week!

I'm in love with that dress Echo wore in the pilot.

And so tempted to bid on one of the necklaces.. theres the one Saunders was wearing when she shot Bennett!
What's the imprint mask from? I don't remember that.
So the last day of this current auction is Monday, right? I should have my tax refund by then...if so, I'm bidding on the wedges, the necklaces, and Eliza's pretty white dress. OK, I'm gonna bid on almost everything!
I think I have seen it before, was it used in the D.C. Dollhouse?
Simon, I think it was. I'm sure I remember it on Echo.
Oh, this time so many props I'd want. The disrupter, the wedges, the remote wipe device. Just to pretend to be a character in the show. Which sounds like I'm a huge nerd. Terrifying.

Though the item the most useful that I would want is Summer Glau's watch.
Yeah, the mask is something Bennett developed and Topher brought over to LA after he saw it.

Definitely some cool props there, but the prices will undoubtedly end up way too high. I wonder if the Whiskey file actually says anything...
If the Whiskey file actually says anything, it will probably say that Whiskey once was this actress named Amy Acker.
I'm sure the prices are going to sky rocket on those really cool items, items that I've been waiting for. But hopefully I'll be able to secure something.
Question for the folks bidding on the clothes: Are you mainly bidding on them because of what they are (ie, you plan to wear them), who they were worn by, or the fact that they were on the show?
"'ASITHOL' shoes!!!! I had a geekgasm when I saw those."

I know IR. I love those shoes! Too bad they are too large but those puppies retail for $400, quite a deal! Oh, that's to say, I would never wear them (whistling casually).
Within less than 5 minutes, the suitcase w/ 12 wedges (aka the thing I want more than love, money, or any other happiness) jumped up to $61. That already seems pricey to me so it looks like I won't be making any bids this go 'round either :(
A couple of intriguing items in there for me - I'll see how much I can squeeze out by Monday.
Of all the items listed so far, these are the ones I'm most geeked about. Wedges or a remove wipe device are the closest we'll get to Printy. It would be nice if the winner of the Whiskey file shared the information it contained with the fandom, assuming it's not just filler info.
Check it out- best auction week ever! There's almost nothing I would't buy, had I the means! The tech stuff- all very cool, I love that watch necklace, THE SHOES (I know, I'm such a girl, but I practically inhaled a bug at the sight of them), the motorcycle helmet, all the dresses... I think I'd like Ivy's ASITHOL dress best. Or the tech or the watch. Or the helmet. Ugh! Now's the time to strike gold...
They're my size, mei_mei. Which makes me think it's meant to be cause I must be the only Dollhouse fan who wears a 7 1/2... Right?

As for bidding on clothes, RayHill, I only bid on something that I would/could wear. That's why I've really coveted the Mellie/November/Madeline pieces they've had up. So as much as I'd love Amy Acker's dress, it's just not plausible for me to bid on it. (Although I will bid on Summer's lab coat cause of the blood stain :)
There's a file on November, too, and I'd love if someone shared the info in that as well. I'd bid on those but honestly, the tech stuff is what I'm after. I've got a few hundred to blow on this but I've a feeling that I may not get my top choices, as the prices are already pretty high and it's only the first day.
Very nice set of items up for bid. The tech stuff is going to go for a lot.

But the clothes! Echo's dress from "Ghost" and Sierra's outfit from "A Spy in the House of Love" both caught my eye as soon as I saw them. And I think what makes me consider bidding on them is that I would/could wear them. Ivy's dress is also very wearable. I'm trying my best just to admire.
I'd love Joss' chair back or one of the files. Something that is obviously from Dollhouse. But not enough to pay what I'm sure they will go for.
I'm current high bidder on Echo's episode 1 dress. lets see how long that lasts. I also outbid a friend on it. I bid before I knew she bid on it. oops.
Is this the last round of auctions? If not, how many more are they going to do? I don't wanna miss out. xD
I'm sure there will be more, there's so much other stuff they could auction off. Topher had many treasures in his lab. I wonder if they'd auction off his whack-a-mole machine.
I bought screen worn clothes in the past, and it was mainly because they were from the show. I felt that wearing them would cheapen it. But I have to say, holding a hot actor's sweater, that made me tingle, so I get it's for two reasons I bought them.

And about the folders, the Whiskey one (maybe November one too, I can't remember) says it has medical files.
So much awesome s*** I don't know where to start. I have some money to spare, but I wish I could buy one wipe device for $75 or something. Still, I do have some money. If it doesn't go up too much (More than triple), I'm thinking bfeifcase with two disrupters. Worst case scenario, the swipe access key probably'll stay in the single digits. What's the imprint mask? Something from bennets lab?
If doesn't go up too much, I can see myself getting summers lab coat. Still, it's the first day and it's all already so all I can do is hope. And try to remember my ebay password xD

[ETA: Oh, one remote wipe device IS sold. I missed it. why it 150, where a set of 6 is just 200?]

[ETA: Oh, damn. Lol, I should read descriptions. The set of 6 is what Alpha used, aka something different. In 6 stages of being broken.]

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No longer the high bidder :(
I saw that, Angel. That dress seems to be in very high demand.

I don't think I'm going to be able to afford the cool tech, unfortunately. Most of it is already over half of what I'm willing to spend. I guess at this point I'll settle for anything. I did really enjoy Belle Chose, so the croquet set would be kind of cool. But, it's just a croquet set. And the imprinting mask is neat, but a bit ugly... and I'm not sure what I'd do with it or where I'd put it.
Remote wipe gun - that's such an important part of the overall story. Would like to have it, but I expect it will be high.

I tried saving the open Whiskey file on my hard drive and enlarging it, but I can't make out much. The index on the right contains such entries as "cleaning agents" and "denture adhesive" from what I can make out. The left upper chart seems to have "Non[something] Proteins and Acids" and lower chart "Intermediary Metabolics and Diagnostic Markers." Hmmmm.
I think the only souvenir I'll have from the show is the original screener Fox gave to TV critics a year ago. In fact, I think it was a year ago last week I got to see the show for the first time.
I would love to get that all access pass.
I wear size 7.5 shoes. :P

Also I wear a size 6 dress. Hell yea, I want Adelle's black dress! ;)

(Note, I won't be able to afford any of these things, I just like to look and salivate. Adelle's dress is already too expensive for lil' ol' me.)
Nevermind, got it.

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Jayrock, if you look above the item description on any item, there's a "Shipping & Payments" tab. Whatever information they enter into the eBay shipping fields will show up there.

The weird thing is that this particular seller seems to have different info in the description than what's listed there. It says USPS Priority in the shipping tab, but within the description it says Federal Express Ground / International (it's in black text on black background, so it's hard to spot).

They do include a little form in the description, though, so you can calculate the shipping to other countries. But I'd double check with the seller to be sure, since it's a little inconsistent.
Thanks Ray! Good advice.
I love that Bennet's lab coat has a "Summer Glau" name tag sewn in. Death by cute.
It's cool that Bennet's one-handed keyboard actually works. It's a useful item, like the clothes and jewelry would be to those that'd use them. But I imagine any fan who only has the use of one hand for typing already has their own Maltron keyboard (or a different brand/type ?), and probably for much cheaper than what that auction will end at.

As many others have said, would be curious to know what's contained in the Whiskey and November files (but especially Whiskey's, since we more or less found out who Madelaine was). Not curious enough that I'd bid very much on it (after you've read it and gleaned the info, it's just pieces of paper). Hopefully the winner(s) share the contents of those two items, not to mention maybe the Rossum binders and any other printed material that's up for auction.

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