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January 26 2010

(SPOILER) Buffy cover for issue #35. Buffy artist Georges Jeanty reveals cover to issue #35!

An homage to "Uncanny X-Men" #138. The cover hasn't spoilers, but there's an interview too and Jeanty talk about Twilight's reveal.

Um, who's the chick with the horns? And is that supposed to be Dawn next to what I assume is Willow, or is that Kennedy? At least he gave "Faith" a Boston tee-shirt or I'd be lost.
Nice that other comics covers are used.

I wonder if she's walking away from them because she choose, or because they cast her out?

Maybe Twilight managed to make her doubt herself so much she left the gang and abandoned her mission to fight the darkness?
I thought we saw this in season 7?
I really love this cover!
The "horn" girl is Satsu, but you're right, it's kind of hard to tell who's who. I think that's Andrew on the far right, but it could also be Oz.
Emelye: The order of the characters in the background, from L-R: Satsu, Giles, Xander, Willow, Kennedy, Faith, Andrew.
Looks to me like she's slinking away in shame on her own, not banninated.
Re Spike: "I'd love to get my hands on him!" So say we all....
Um, who's the chick with the horns?

That'd be Satsu with her signature hairstyle.

Word to Xi - that's the line-up.
Begin speculation on why Dawn isn't in the picture standing next to Xander in 3 - 2 - 1 -

I did like that the background included a lot of the old Dark Horse 'Buffy' comics, not just Season 8.
Yeah, stormwreath, I liked that detail also. Dawn isn't in the line-up but she is in the upper left corner of heads...

(And no, just 'cause the old Buffy covers are referenced in Season 8 doesn't make them... nevermind. ;))
That's certainly a quite obvious homage, yes ;). Here's hoping this isn't a 'Buffy is cast out by friends'-type thing, because, like Simon says, we saw that storyline already in S7. So I'm assuming she's just simply feeling ashamed about something; possibly about something to do with Twilight.

I thought this was a great interview with Jeanty. I can imagine that Buffy fandom can be quite something to come into suddenly, through a job such as this.

I'm very much looking forward to the rest of S8. I can't wait to see what Joss and co. did with that storyline. Sometimes the pace at which these comics appear can be highly frustrating :).
Pretty rad cover.

And the horny one is totally Satsu.

(Sometimes I shouldn't say words.)
Cool cover and nice interview.
I'm kind of tired of homage covers, I want original covers from Jeanty. The cover is fine though.
And then she finds an abandoned house, and Spike finds her and gives her a pep talk, and...
Technically, the house wasn't abandoned. She kinda evicted the owner.
I thought we saw this in season 7?

Oh, please don't say so. *pouts* Joss, if you're reading this, please don't turn this into another Empty Places. No more Scoobies-bashing, please!

On the other hand, what's up with Dawn's absense? Xander looks mighty pissed.
Since it's an homage cover, I think it's safe to use it as a jumping off point for speculation.

Traditionally that cover (I know I've also seen it used for Kitty Pryde and several others) is used for a character leaving against their will, not coerced out, just it was too sad to be there anymore.

So I don't think it'll be Buffy cast out.
Ah, cool, they even got the font right (yellow, slanted, in 3-dimensional block lettering).
I know I must be in the minority here but I'm afraid I still strongly dislike Jeanty's preference to draw grown women as these strange childlike creatures. I mean Buffy hasn't even got any hips in this one. Weird.

Interesting hints about Twilight though. Lets hope things start to speed up now.

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I agree with sueworld2003, I'm not liking the way Jeanty draws some of these covers. At first, I thought it was flashback to high school.
Their eyes are very big. But it's not like he's gone a certain brand of animé-style with it, where grown women and teens often look way younger than they are (or they look like can get kinda creepy, though I think Japanese artists are going for cute).

I think a lot of his interiors are stronger than some of his covers. Buffy usually looks more appropriate/fitting/accurate or something, within the book.

I love a lot of his homage covers regardless. Especially the "Nick Fury and His Howling Comandos" one that I didn't get ahold of (Massimo Carnivale's frilly-waisted Twilight cover instead, blech).
With homage after homage, I thought for sure when Georges did an X-Men cover, Buffy would take the place of Shadowcat/Kitty/Sprite/Ariel, though I do agree that she also parallels Scott Summers nicely as a character and leader.
Okay just saw this post (must have missed it this morning) and I'm SHOCKED nobody posted THIS .
It's posted in the article?
omg I'm dumb. I took one glance at the pic (didnt scroll down the page) and started looking for links in the comments section back at The Black. So yes, me dumb.

I do love it when he does these awesome homages...
About the cover... according to Jeanty, the reason he's doing all homages this arc is because Brad Meltzer wanted a complete set of homage covers for his arc. So Jeanty put together a list of his and Brad's ideas and sent them out, and the majority went with the X-Men cover. He's also a big John Byrne fan, so it was a happy moment for him.
I know we don't report the news here, and whatever's out there is up for grabs, and whoever notices stories first and posts them here are just messengers. But, hearing Georges quote whedonesque as the place the Twilight reveal was all a-buzz over, is weird for me being the one to post the story on this site. Again NOT taking credit, since 30 seconds after I posted, somebody else would have anyway.
CaptainB did you read Scott Allie's Buffy Zone update the week after events? I don't think you should feel weird about it, at that point the spoiler was out in the open and it was just a matter of time.
Erm, that's not what I meant. I know it was out there, hence my "30 seconds after I posted, somebody else would have anyway." I just meant his mentioning of it being out there on whedonesque as the cited example of it breaking out to the audience. Nevermind, not that important.
I love it!
Back when X-Men #138 hit the stands, X-Men were my world.

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