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"Too much hair!"
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January 26 2010

Michelle Trachtenberg on the cover of Complex Magazine. The issue hits stands February 8th.

Looks like little Dawnie has grown up.

I was just thinking how well the mathematics definition of complex fits with Dawn--part "real," part "imaginary."
Oh, Dawnie! I'd call her hot...but I'd feel like such a perv doing it. O_o
She's slowing working her way toward Maxim. :)
Frass - Oh, Dawnie! I'd call her hot...but I'd feel like such a perv doing it.

Then I'll say it... HOT!
God it's so weird to see her being sexy. She'll always be little Harriet the Spy to me.
She's been grown up for quite some time, yet she just keeps trying to prove it.
In addition to discontinuing the use of tag lines that use permutations of "our favorite . . . " (e.g. "Happy birthday to our favorite vampire detective." Argghhhh), I'd like to propose a moratorium on any combination of "little," "Dawn/Dawnie," and "grown/growed-up" in our link titles. Please. MT is going to be 25 this year, fer Chrissakes.
Loves me some SNT. 25? Really. "You're grounded! You cannot do Playboy!" :=)
I'm disappointed. Nine posts in and no one's used "mmm...daddy like" yet?
Well she's not 25 until October so she's still got a good time being 24. And even though I'm younger than her (just by a year) it is kinda weird seeing her all sexified. I mean I remember way back when she was on Pete and Pete, but I guess just got so used to her as Dawn that Michelle being a sexy woman is like seeing my cousin or something. Or finding out my best girl friend of years has a hot twin sister or something. It's weird.
I believe the phrase is "gosh, look at those..."
Yeah, it is pretty strange to me personally that MT is older than me. I *might* be willing to watch this new Kevin Smith movie she's starring in, even though I kind of have this thing where Kevin Smith annoys me in about equal proportion to the occasions where I'm amused.
@WilliamTheB - Kevin Smith only Directed. He didn't write this. First time doing that (at least in a feature film capaciy. Let's not forget the Reaper pilot), so we'll see how that goes.

I don't know where the rest of the world has been, but Michelle has been grown up and HOT for a while now. It would only make me feel awkward and uncomfortable about it if we were childhood friends. In that instance, simply insert 80s' teen rom-com here. :)

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Watch. The. Video.

Oh my indeed. I particularly like the glasses-wearing outfit.
Don't much care for the VERY RED lipstick. Other than that, Michelle is looking as hot as ever.

By now, I've gotten over the whole 'but she was so young/she's Buffy's little sister' thing. She's been grown up and hot for some time now, and we've had time to get used to it :).
It's a little like a kid I used to look after who's now all grown up, engaged and has her own house. She's not allowed to be all grow'd up, cos That. Makes. Me. Old.
Hey, her former character is dating Xander in Season 8. She's no longer "little". I'd say if Michelle plays her cards right, she could become the next "Angelina" in Hollywood.

She'll have to get past our memories of Dawnie first, though. I guess that's the curse of becoming well-known at a young age.
It's not like child actresses never grow up. Anna Paquin, Thora Birch, Christina Ricci, and Kirsten Dunst immediately spring to mind.

You know, they seem to get older at almost the same rate I do...
Argh, season 8 spoilers! Must change tab to picture of cover!

Phew, much better.

*Coughs* Moving on. Another picture of her STILL looking great. Personally, it isn't too weird, as I would have been her age or younger when I was watching her in Buffy. I may have even found her quite attractive on my first viewings, certainly so during season 7. The only slightly strange thing is being so used to repeat viewings and having not seen her in anything since. She really has grown a lot.
lmpressive and very sexy. She's definitely going 2 be a heartbreaker.
Oh, so Kevin Smith is only directing. Of course, I kind of think that Kevin Smith is a *terrible* director, and only an inconsistent writer. So this doesn't fill me with confidence.
Huh. My first thought was: "Wow. Someone was really 'airbrush' happy. She looks so... fake."
Not a Mercy fan, never seen it, but I am a Gossip Girl fan and she's a fantastic part of that puzzle, every single time she appears. She's grown up since Buffy, cos, you know, times past, but I've never been that shocked about it. I guess its because I've seen her age in several different things (post-Buffy) over the years.

As for Cop Out... Not particularly interested. I'll see if if people like it.
I was as Wizard World Chicago again this year and this time around Emma Caufield made her Chicago autograph/signing/Buffy panel debut. (She was great by the way--super friendly and just a pleasure to talk with)

I mention this because I wanted to purchase a personalized autographed photo for my niece, but the only pictures she had available for purchase/signing were really adult themed. Like something you'd see in Maxim or FHM...the most kid-friendly picture involved her wearing panties that said "kitty" across the front and clawing the cushion of a couch. (Yowza!) I dont know why I was expecting to see a photo with that bunny costume but based on my discussion with others in line at the signing, the bunny costume pic would easily have been her biggest seller.

Come to think of it, when I met Mercedes a few years earlier at the show, it was the same problem. I dont know if the management for these actresses assume fans want to buy "drool photo's" or what but I ended up having her sign a 3x5 card because there's no way I was giving my niece a playboy-esque picture, (signed or otherwise).

This was a long post to say, as much as I love sexy grown-up Ms. Trachtenberg, I long for the simpler days of adolescent Dawny.
It's funny, but I never got invested in the Dawn character they way I did with the rest of the gang. Maybe it was the the formative Buffy seasons 2 and 3, or just the way she was dropped into the show. She never seemed to quite fit until season 7.
She looks great, and she's been grown up for some time now.
She has been hot for a while now imo. I have a pic somewhere on my laptop of her standing on a swing all black and white from like years back when she must have been 19-20ish and my god, beautiful.
Looking like this I can think of a project for her, starring in a sequel to one of her earlier hits, that she'd be perfect for. Perfect.

I'd pay to see that.
Ha, zz9!

I dont know if the management for these actresses assume fans want to buy "drool photo's" or what but I ended up having her sign a 3x5 card because there's no way I was giving my niece a playboy-esque picture, (signed or otherwise).

That's kind of weird (the limited photo choice, not the 3x5 card!). I mean, I can see how the sexy photos would be popular, but I would think a lot of people would like something less Maxim-ish. I hope your niece was happy with the card, anyway.
right there with you Romo Lampkin.
Michelle's a good looking young woman though I must admit, that photo doesn't do much for me personally.

And I kind of know what people mean too - there's a weirdness to fancying someone you watched growing up (probably because there're basically NO situations in everyday life where that's ever going to be appropriate) and it can take a while to get your head around (if you ever do). Feel the same way about Natalie Portman who's beautiful, grounded, clever and seems to have a good sense of humour BUT I first saw in "Leon" as a, what, 12 year old girl ? Dissonance-tastic.

ETA: She was a 12 year old girl BTW, not me, just in case it's not clear from that sentence. It'd be a lot less weird if we both were.

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Michelle's indeed a goodlooking young woman, but most of those photos does not do her justice.
I don't think there's anything wrong with Michelle going the sexy femme fatale route to stardom. More power to her!

It seems to me American society is yet again getting so uptight about sex. When I was young, we had a junior-high school approved pep rally routine where cheerleaders danced to the classic "The Stripper" tune played by the band, all the while removing certain overgarments. It wasn't the real deal, but still the crowd went wild!

Nowadays? Prudesville! Just yesterday I read a story about a Wisconsin high school which banned all kinds of moves at a dance, even going so far as to videotape the students to make sure they follow all the little rules.

I grew up in the 60s, but now I feel like I'm in repressive Victorian England.
@quantamac Photoshoots these days leave nothing to the imagination! Give me a peek at a bare ankle and I'll be in my bunk! :)

Seriously though, this double standard between sex/nudity and blood/violence has been going on for far too long. Something's gotta give. For further discussion, provided you're a mature adult who's not some prude, I strongly recommend the documentary feature, This Film Is Not Yet Rated.
Quantamac have you been to a high school dance recently? Cause don't worry--kids today...really no so prudish (in spite of the best efforts of school authorities who seem to have completely forgotten adolescence.)

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