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January 27 2010

Alan Tudyk on Dollhouse's demise. "Joss Whedon shows, in my experience, they're awesome and then Fox cancels them".

Just saw that, made me laugh out loud. It's pretty much true.
wow... did Alan have a really rough night or something, definitely not looking his best.
Did anybody spot the interesting thing Alan drops in this?
Well, he said "we" when he mentioned going back to the future, and said "they wrap it up," suggesting that
a) Alpha might be in "Epitaph Two" (I don't know that this is true--I've avoided casting spoilers and wish to continue to do so), and
b) somehow, an "ending" is reached in the future, which....
Did anybody spot the interesting thing Alan drops in this?

Epitaph "spinoff"?
Did anybody spot the interesting thing Alan drops in this?

The spinoff show set in the future that E! Online mentioned just before news broke about the season 1 renewal?
Yeah, that had my heart racing a bit. (I thought though, that it was just be me being clueless after a three month absence from the Black.) I interpreted it more like it could have been a possible "reboot" more than a "spinoff" though.
Here we go, it's from the Watch with Kristin column from the 8th of May last year.

Radha: Dollhouse's chances of renewal are reportedly slim. Please, please say it isn't so! Do you have any happier news?

You know that 14th episode of Dollhouse that's set in a post-Apocalyptic universe and that won't be appearing on Fox network but will be included on the season-one DVD? Well, no one's officially confirming anything, and this is all still entirely in the theoretical dreamy dream stage, but reliable sources tell us exclusively that spinning off "Epitaph One" into a new series is "not exactly outside the realm of Jossí master plan." So even if Dollhouse proper doesn't get a pickup for season two, there might still be an alternate Dollverse for us to play in. What do you think of that?!

Simon, you're fabulous as always. :) Two thumbs up and a thank you for the clarification.
I might have some clarification about what season three would have looked like after Epitaph Two airs. Putting together some wrap up stuff.
Of course that possibility seems to be dead now, since Joss said he is finished with Dollhouse - no spin-offs, no comics, no movie. I just hope that Epitaph Two really delivers.

The waits between Dollhouse episodes always felt interminable (especially with weeks and months off sometimes), but now it feels that the end is coming up way too quickly.
When did Joss say there wouldn't be any spin offs or movies? He said no to comics but I never saw a no to anything else.
There's no plans for spin offs, movies etc Riker. Epitaph Two is where it ends. Which makes me sad, but at the same time it's been one wild, amazing ride.
Last I heard, Joss didn't flat out say "no" to exploring more of the Dollhouse universe in the future. He did say he's not planning on it at the moment, but that his mind could change. And I'm crossing my fingers that it does, though totally not expecting it to. lol

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"Dollhouse: The Future Project" on FX ! (PG-13 Dollhouse!--FX doesn't do R, from what I recall, but they're more allowing than regular network-TV) They may as well take advantage of that Australian-Fox channel's bizarre re-titling/promotion interpretation of "Epitaph 1".

Could see how, if the show had gone for its full five-season run, we may've ended up spending more time in the "Epitaph"-period at some point. Maybe the entire last season would've taken place in it, but given the format of Seasons 1 and 2, it looks like just the last episode of each season would touch on it (though I do remember that Joss originally intended some of the Epitaph characters to make appearances early on this season, so maybe the future scenes would've been sprinkled throughout each season, sparingly).

I'm not holding out hope for the series, already accepted that this was the end when the cancelation news hit, but I would definitely watch Dollhouse-in-the-future on FX.

gossi, thanks for what you might be doing re: post-"Epitaph 2" info. After the ep airs, it'll be the number one question on many folks' minds--what was the rest of the series supposed to look like ? (or, okay, just Season 3, as you specified)

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Oh well. Maybe Joss will have time to do "Ripper" now...
I seem to recall Joss tried to get Ripper off the ground for a while, but the finances wouldn't come together.
Maybe now Joss will have time to bring back Firefly.

And Tim direct that bloody Spike movie!
I vote for something new. I'll just stick my ballot in the invisible ballot box over here.
Don't do that, everyone'll be able to see your ballot ! I mean, at least put a curtain around the invisible ballot box first.

And yay, at last Joss is free to do the 'Serenity' sequel.

... what ?
Didn't Joss at one point clearly state that there would be no Dollhouse-stories whatsoever after E2 airs? Not only no comics, but no nothing?
Joss, on the possibility of a Dollhouse comic:

The only time it crosses my mind is when [Dark Horse Comics editor] Scott Allie pesters me as he did the other day, saying, '"Epitaph One" sounds like a comic! It's post-apocalyptic!' But my answer is 'No.' It's pretty unequivocal. It could change, but I need to do the next thing, and I do spend an enormous amount of my career replatforming things I already did. After a while, it starts to just seem a little morbid.

So, it doesn't seem like he has any interest in continuing the universe. But the small sliver of hope I have is from "it could change". I don't expect it to change, but I'll continue to hope for a while that it does. I guess now I understand how those Buffy and Firefly fanatics feel, never giving up hope for a revival. Though at least they still got comics! And a movie. Lucky dogs.

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There's one area I think the story could do some work with; if they could find a decent novel writer, there's some mileage in Whiskey backstory.
Don't do that, everyone'll be able to see your ballot ! I mean, at least put a curtain around the invisible ballot box first.

That elicited a big laugh that, I have to admit, sounded alarmingly like a bark, and the baby woke up. Grrr. And ha ha!

I don't know if replatforming is morbid (or even a word) but I too invisibly vote for Something New.
I vote for something fun and interesting - whether that be a still-untold story from a work of the past or something completely new doesn't make any difference. It's the entertainment value I crave.
I just love the stories that Joss tells, and I'm with brinderwalt as far as not caring if they're of the old or the new. I get sucked in every time, and I want more of that, always.
I miss Alan, but I'm in the move on camp.

I also love that um-ah thing Alan does, always have.
Invisible curtain around invisible ballot box.
Me voting.
But what's this invisible label on the box?
Diebold? WTF?
Sounds like an Alliance plot to me.
Now, FloralBonnet, there's no reading invisible labels, unless you have SuperSecretSpyGlasses[tm] and I don't see those on you. So don't be silly.

Anyway, I'll stick my ballot in the recently curtained invisible ballot box as well. However much I'd love a Serenity sequel, Firefly reboot or any kind of filmed, real life continuation of Buffy, it's the new projects - full of possibility of falling in love all over again - that hold the most interest for me at the moment.
Yep, that's how i'd cast my invisible ballot too (if I could find it that is). Every time I see someone wanting X to continue (an opinion anyone's obviously entitled to both have and express) I think of Doctor Horrible and imagine all the amazing new stuff swirling around the creative chaos that is Joss' mind. Or, if he actually has a very orderly mind (which seems likely given the organisational requirements of his job as producer/showrunner) then just "the amazing new stuff ... the creative ... that is Joss' mind". Either way, creative.

...and the baby woke up. Grrr. And ha ha!

Ah, soz ;). Giraffe ?
I'm casting my vote in the invisible ballot box, too. Of course I'd like to see a Serenity sequel, but I felt lucky that we got the first one. More Firefly, of course, but I don't think either of those things are going to happen and I'm fine with that. We have the comics continuing those stories, as well as BtVS and AtS and even Dr. Horrible, with the possibility of that 'verse continuing in some fashion.

What Dollhouse confirmed for me was that it's a given that I'm going to enjoy whatever Joss puts in front of me and I can't wait for him to surprise me again with his creativity and imagination.
Well it's easy for you guys to vote in the invisible ballot box, because your favorite Whedon projects probably did get spin-offs. Poor me. lol :P
Another vote for something new. Dollhouse reminded me that Joss has an endless supply of great ideas.
As long as we continue to get Buffy comics, I'll vote for "something new" as well. (Although I'll always be holding out for a live action SMG Buffy movie...I can dream!!)
Sorry JAYROCK - things in TV Land were better in the "olden days". :=)
I'm voting for Serving Girl. Or Something New. Can I vote twice?
If the ballots are invisible I see counting them being a problem, nevermind recounting. So sure, vote away. We can always blame invisible chads.

(in my head 'Serving Girl' counts as something new anyway though since he hasn't actually made it yet. Sometimes my head is way off but in this instance I happen to agree with it)
I have to cast my vote for more from the Firefly verse. It's the only one of Joss stories I feel never really got to be explored in the kind of depth that was warranted (at least Dollhouse is doing something to wrap things up. Serenity added more, but by no means closed the book on Firefly. Buffy and Angel got a combined 12 seasons on tv and comic book spin-offs.) But, barring that, (which probably faces rights complications, sadly) I'd love to see something new from Joss. The man is full of great stories, and it'd feel wasteful to request that he simply retread the same stories he has already told over again.
Do you know about the short stories set in the Sereniverse and written by some of the series writers AnotherFireflyfan ? Dunno if Joss is doing one (and I suspect they won't be continuations but likely set in-between times) but more is definitely being done in the 'Firefly' universe.
I cast my invisible vote for anything with a non-invisible Enver in it.
Though there's no doubt he could play invisible if he wanted to.
Though my faith has been shaken recently,(Dollhouse,Twilight-gate, battle droids in a Firefly comic) anything Joss writes, I'll give a shot....

I would just request that whatever the next project is, he writes it and finds the right actors, rather than writing it for a specific actor.

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I'm definitely excited for those stories, Saje. But I'd love to see our big damn actors back on the screen in more adventures!
I still want an Epitaph: The Musical!, but I suppose I'd be happy with something new :)

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