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January 27 2010

ABC Orders More Castle! ABC has ordered 2 additional episodes of Castle, bringing this season's total episodes to 24.

Monday's episode gave the series its highest ratings yet.

To balance out the cut of Ugly Betty's final season by 2 episodes perhaps?

Still good news, they must be leaning towards renewal as well. Although the ratings have been quite good this season.
This kind of make it looks like WHEDONesque got the exclusive. Especially when it got tweeted. ;)
This kind of make it looks like WHEDONesque got the exclusive. Especially when it got tweeted. ;)

Newbie stumble on my part, b!X. I wasn't sure whether or not to leave it in, and figured someone would let me know what was appropriate :)

Do I take the 'exclusive' out?
Dance of Joy here. Sent my thanks to ABC.
Yay! Love to see that show rock on! Hope they'll get a third season too.
Hurray! Great News. =)

And it's nice to see a show go for longer than 22 Episodes. Shows used to last for longer, but that seems to be much less common these days.

The only downside that I can see is that this will reduce Nathan Fillion's time-off between Seasons (assuming that Castle is picked up for S3) and that might make it more difficult for him to work on a project during the summer.
If I'm not mistaken, the scoop belongs to, but nonetheless I thank y'all for your support. May the 'verse be kind enough to grant us at "Castle" a third season!
Awesome and completely deserved (both the extra episodes and the good ratings). The show really has been on a roll for the past couple of episodes. I was still watching mostly for Nathan at the beginning of this second season, but it's really becoming one of my favorite shows now. Let's hope they can keep it up.
I started watching just for Nathan as well, now I'm really enjoying the show. And I don't watch that much TV. This has become the one show that makes this particular formula work, IMO.
Yah - this is one of few shows I actually watch live, when I can, which says a lot by me.

Also, I haven't had so much fun watching a couple with this much UST since Agent Mulder first went the way of the yeti.
My opinion of Castle is that it is 'fair'. I'm a bigger fan of Bones. The formula for both of these shows is very similar, although of course the main characters that are part of the formula are different. I like the way that Bones works better.

Still, Nathan is a reason to watch. The characters that shine the most in this show are Castle and his family. I'm still having trouble really thinking Beckett could carry the show without Castle. (Whereas each character in Bones is more like each character in Dollhouse-- they can hold their own and have their own individual stories.)

I do love the appearances of Robert Picardo, though. :)
Great! It's interesting that my current favorite shows feature so many Whedon alums. The Whedon connection might have made me start watching--but wouldn't be enough to make me continue.

Mad Men just won Best Cast in a Drama from the Screen Actors Guild; that cast includes Christine Hendricks & Vincent Kartheiser. It's between seasons, but Leverage has brought Christian Kane back for some light hearted fun. And we've got David Boreanaz in Bones, which belatedly began to charm me in reruns. The only Whedon link in Burn Notice is Mark Sheppard--who's in everything; still, it's a pretty good show. (And, surely, Bruce Campbell has enough geek cred to appeal to Whedonites, too?)

Just last Monday, Adam Baldwin, as the terrifying yet hilarious John Clancy in Chuck, got to mutter "Bored Now."

I'll enjoy watching the fine Dollhouse actors progress in their careers, while hating they aren't doing it in further seasons of Dollhouse.

Something to keep us all busy while Joss develops his next projects...

ETA: It's John Casey, not Clancy. And I know Leverage is showing new episodes now--I was comparing it to Mad Men, which isn't.

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I somewhat understood how this show slipped through the fingers of the UK channels during its first season, but I'm gobsmacked that as popular as its become it still hasn't got a frickin' place. Eastwick has even been showing over here!

I've said it hundreds of times, but Why Oh Why did Sky1 go for NCIS: LA instead of Castle! They should have paired it with Bones, but they can still pair it with NCIS - they should hurry up and get it!
FYI not_Bridget: Leverage is showing new episodes now. Its third season, I believe.
It's still the second season in fact, they just had a mid-season break.

(and it's John Casey not_bridget but yeah, nice shout-out last week. Previously he's wondered if another character is going to "kill me with her mind" - which isn't spot on but is surely close enough. 'Chuck' is made by geeks, for geeks, no doubt)
It's the second half of season two, guidedby.

ETA: What Sage said. You posted as I was composing. =)

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I checked out the pilot of Castle, but haven't really gotten the chance to watch any since then. So I take it the show improves and becomes much better? Nathan is always great to watch, and I definitely want to see the Halloween episode.
'Castle's a good, fun show I reckon AnotherFireflyfan. It's not really doing much new as far as procedurals go and they backed away from some promising early themes and potential edginess BUT it does what it does very well and the chemistry between the leads is great. Give it another chance and yeah, definitely check out the Halloween episode - don't recall seeing an instance of such perfectly weighted shout-outs on any other show.

ETA: What Sage said. You posted as I was composing. =)

No worries, the idea must've been in the air ;).
Thanks guys! I can't keep track of cable's split seasons/short seasons. Ultimately, I don't really care what season it is, since it's mostly just a fun, light, entertaining show with little depth. I won't be buying the DVD or anything.
Yeah, not a lot there with 'Leverage' but still fun, another one where the cast dynamic and general sense from the creators that they're in on it with you really makes the show (it basically had me at the W.O.P.R sound effects appearing in the pilot - geek shout-out par excellence).

The odd darker episode aside, 'Burn Notice' is the same - great fun show, just not TV to change the world. And that's OK too, y'know ?
I wasn't all that into Castle in season one, but I've been enjoying season two more. It's probably worth it just to watch Nathan being Nathan.

Yeah, I'm not complaining. I love having shows like that, that I don't have to think too much about, but are still smart, well-done shows. I like Burn Notice more than Leverage, and I think that's because of the characters and actors, but it is similar in tone.

If every show was Dollhouse quality thought-provoking, I would watch a lot less tv, thanks to burnout. :)
I have to be honest, if it weren't for Nathan I'd have no interest in Castle at all. The show strikes me as Nathan being his witty, geeky self in the midst of an otherwise mediocre show. Goofy fun, but ultimately light. Not to say I won't end up loving it anyway. I definitely will check out more in the future, when I find some time in my viewing schedule.

Alan said at a convention last year that he'd love to guest on Castle if it got a second season. Has any progress been made on getting him on the show?
This has become the one show that makes this particular formula work, IMO.

I'm also big fan of Psych, which just started again yesterday.
Is the Mouse House becoming the new home for Joss's extended family!?! :)

ABC Family has also ordered 10 episodes of "Pretty Little Liars" featuring Alexis in the pilot. I don't know if he will be a regular cast member or not.
It looks like Alexis and Bianca Lawson are both recurring characters.

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