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January 28 2010

Gina Torres in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths gets discussed by voice director. Andrea Romano has been responsible for casting other Whedon alums in previous DC Comics animation projects, including Justice League Unlimited and following direct to DVD movies.

l have to admit, my interest is peeked, seeing and hearing Ginas' character. l have always admired her work. And having the opportunity to work with Andrea Romano is a plus too.
Yep, Andrea Romano is as important to the success of the DCAU as Bruce Timm IMO, she gets amazing people to voice the characters and she gets the best out of them too (they aren't always the people you'd pick yourself but they always fit really well - Mark Harmon for instance wouldn't occur to me as Superman but once the idea's out there he just seems a perfect choice, the complete all American).

And Gina was a great Vixen in JLU and i'm sure she'll be a great Superwoman.
I really want them to revisit the JLU-verse in a movie with that voice cast. I miss it. The only movie since I really, really liked was "New Frontier," which made me buy the Absolute Edition of the graphic novel. So pretty.

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