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January 28 2010

(SPOILER) Clips from the Dollhouse finale. How good was the first preview? Want more? Here's the second preview and the third preview. The three clips are also up on Hulu.

Thanks to Animal Mother for the heads up.

"Season finale" my ass. Also, I love Priya when she's angry.
Oooo Adelle in clip #2.
Oh Topher. He just breaks my heart.
Why isn't it Friday yet?
Looking good! Can't wait!
Is that Jed Whedon's back walking out the door in the first clip?

ETA I mean, in The Cabin in the Bleak Post-Apocalyptic Landscape. (The first clip on Hulu.)

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Wow at the second clip with Tony and Priya. Confirms what we pretty much guessed about T.

That would have been a great storyline to flesh out.
Yeah wow, Topher has this amazing ability to have me in tears in like 3 seconds flat.
I'm super duper excited, and also so sad for the end.
"You'll keep a civil tongue" always liked that line.
Clip references Friday at 8? Not 9? Is it 2 hours?
No, it's 1 hour but it's on at 8pm.
Must preserve the Kitchen Nightmares slot. *sigh*

Loving these so much. Kinda wish they sucked more, would make it easier to kiss the series goodbye.
*sigh* Can't wait for tomorrow! Just wish I could convince my friends to do a little viewing party. I keep telling them that they'll find Dollhouse on DVD and love it, but haven't been able to convert them in time to watch it as it airs.
"You made an apocalypse!"

"I didn't mean to!"

"Undo it! Undo it!"
I'm gonna miss this show!!
I desperately hope they DON'T save the world.
I want them to!!! lol
Love Topher. Love Priya. Love Adelle. My expectations for this episode are back up high. :)
Oh wow!

I'm going to miss this show so much!
I am placing my bet that that is Jed Whedon dashing out to take care of collapsed Topher in the scene where Echo and Paul arrive back at Safe Haven. Here I place it.
I'm taking it as some kind of meta-joke on Jed as go-to guy. Hey, someone's gotta carry Topher half a mile -- Jed!
OK, they put his face in it too. Well, that takes the mystery out of it.

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