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January 28 2010

Neil Patrick Harris to host adaptation of game show The Cube. Not satisfied with a successful sitcom, various hosting gigs and guest stints, NPH takes on yet another job. ETA: Get tickets to see him filming the pilot in London by clicking here.

Interesting. I mean, awesome, but... interesting.

Also, what a silly little game... that I would totally want to play.

And lastly, I love the tags, hacksaway.
I watched that clip they had of part of an episode. Weird game, but not something I think I'll be interested in. These types of shows, where you have to hear the rules over and over, and they drag everything out for suspense, irritate me too much.
On the plus side, it looks like a show where the host talks a lot.
I think I would love to play this game. I'll tune in.
Ah it's an ITV show. I'd preferred Neil Patrick Harris' TV Burp but you can't have everything in life.
The Cube is an awful, awful game.
Simon! You're a genius; Neil Patrick Harris' TV Burp? I want!
My first thought was of of 'Cube'. And that gameshows have become a lot more extreme since 'The Generation Game' (and that's including the Jim Davidson years).

That box thing sounds a picnic in comparison.
Heh Saje, I actually did misinterpret the sentence by transposing bits of it so I honestly thought it meant there was going to be a game show adaptation of that movie Cube. Which could have been interesting practice for Dr. horrible depending on how evil he goes.
I added Jamesthegill's news to the entry.
Why yes, I did just order some tickets. I'm very interested. Not so much about the game, but, you know, NPH, I am.
So NPH is now the US' answer to Phillip Schofield?

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