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January 28 2010

Eliza Dushku on Dollhouse and its demise. She talks to the LA Times about the cancellation, her role as producer, the Echo/Caroline dynamic and the Friday night death slot.

Eliza Dushku, you are neat. Make sure you get back on the big and little screens and show us all you've got!
I'd like to hear her comments once her contract with Fox has expired.

And yeah, it's too bad the show won't continue to exist in some medium. But it is rare that a canceled show like this gets to tie up (most) of its loose ends so I'm grateful for that. Imagine if we had never gotten a second season!
It makes me sad that Eliza changed her mind about the idea of the Friday night slot. She said once that she didn't think it was so bad, and that DVR numbers would hold it up, and we should think positive!

And now she's blaming it.

I guess I'd like to hear her unedited comments as well. We probably won't ever hear that, though.
Eh, of course she was being optimistic. She was promoting her show back then.
I was under the impression the ED's deal was with the Studio rather
than the Network. I sorta doubt that she has any serious issues
with the Studio.
There's many things i've learnt from Dollhouse. One of the things is that Eliza is a better person than me in so many ways. Also - I thought she rocked those imprints. I didn't start the show as a fan of her work. Now I am.

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You have to admire Eliza, she's a real trooper. lt was refreshing to read an article that was to the point. l will definitely miss her and the rest of the cast of Dollhouse.
She has a good attitude. And she's right.

I know its been said before, but its great that Eliza is echoing other peoples views. The show got a second season against the odds. And it did great things with it. Things that no other show would have done, went places that no other show would have gone. And I say that on UK time. I'm only on Episode 7.

I'm well aware she need to maintain face, but she also knows how this industry works. Getting a second season with those numbers was so incredibly against the odds, its understandable why she's grateful.

She's a very lucky woman, and that was, despite numerous mistakes along the way, a very lucky, and very brilliant show.
Friday night is TV strong for us. We have "SciFi family night" on Friday evenings, where everyone in the house sits down together and watches the various shows we've recorded, or the ones which are live on that night. We even watch other fantasy shows recorded on prior nights, because we all seem to be interested in doing other things during the week than watching TV.

As for why Dollhouse failed to grab the numbers, I think it was just hard for people to connect to. It was a great show, with superb stories and believable acting, but all the characters seemed like various shades of villain. I didn't mind that, but people like my wife didn't care for it. She wanted a character to root for. Echo's "rootability" came late in the game for her.
I'll never quite be able to suss why people weren't able simply to root for Echo to become more self-aware. Why did she need to be defined as a person from day one in order for people to be on her side?

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Why do love the original Star Wars and hate Phantom Menace?

Star Wars has clearly defined characters. I mean, the bad guy literally wears a black hat. In Phantom Menace, there's a bunch of characters without, uhm, character. Nobody to follow. So it kinda falls apart.

I think season two totally fixed that angle of things. I really loved the second season.
Phantom Menace had more problems than there being nobody to follow.

Why did she need to be defined as a person from day one in order for people to be on her side?

Exactly. It was always clear that she was going to become more self-aware, seems a lot of people just have very little patience with genuine character development (and a purer, more complete example than Echo you'd be hard pressed to find IMO). Even on here where most of us are fans of Joss or Eliza or both there were complaints about the arc and the character relatability after episode two. Yep, episode two.
Nice words, gossi. I agree, she rocked the imprints. My particular favorite is Crystal. She was hilarious and played it so well.

And I was rooting for Echo to become self aware.
Which one was Crystal ? The dominatrix ?
Thank you, Saje. Couldn't have said it better myself.
Crystal was the Natural Born Killers gal in Omega.
I thought the dominatrix imprint was also hilarious and well acted for what it's worth.
I'll never quite be able to suss why people weren't able simply to root for Echo to become more self-aware. Why did she need to be defined as a person from day one in order for people to be on her side?

I don't understand that either.

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