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November 05 2003

(SPOILER) 'Lineage' promo pics and thanks to Fraz at for them. But really Mr WB, couldn't you have taken better ones?

What's with the yellow? Why does it look Angel is about to fall over in the first pic. Is Spike doing a Tommy Cooper impersonation in the second? And he looks like he has no arms in the final pic. WB publicity department, you need to get your act together.

Why is Wes not in the promo pics when this is sort of 'his' episode?

I kind of like the one of Spike standing and Angel (?) lying down.
I've come to accept that the WB only really cares about Angel and Spike in their promo pics. The rest of the characters apparently are somewhat irrelevant.
You're probably right, Simon. Spike is barely in the episode, which makes the promos extremely misleading.
I just put that pic with Spike standing and whoever lying down as the wallpaper on my desktop. I think it makes an awesome picture, regardless of who's in it.

And I've noticed the same thing about their promotions lacking the coverage of other characters. Focusing on Angel makes sense... but emphasis on Spike, with him being very new, seems like too much of a betrayal to the others who have been there all along.
Greyflowers: with you on the picture. It looks like a painting, Edward Hopper perhaps.
Wes is in the TV Guide ad for 'Lineage'. Nothing new though, it's just two old promo shots of Angel and Wes that were pasted together.

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Oooh Nighthawks-ish. Good call, prolific!
Greyfowers & prol: with you on that photo. As soon as I saw it I thought, new desktop! Gotta resize for my weird TiBook though. Need. More. Pixels.

Can the lack of Wes-ness be b/c Fraz, who gets the pics, is a Spike-centric source? When she got the first batch of cast promos, she got, like, 1 of Angel, and 6 of Spike. Then a week or two later photos of the rest of the cast leaked out. By next week, Comics Continuum or other sources may have some Wes promos (I hope).
Heh. I just put Nighthawks on my desktop because of this thread.
wren, I'm not holding my breath for new promo pics. WB only released two preview images for tonight's episode. And they were not terribly exciting. But if pics of Wes do turn up, I'll eat my hat or something like that. I like the WB trailers, I'm not a fan of their overall pic strategy.

However, I'm with people on the second pic. It's oddly tranquill and very out of place.

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