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January 29 2010

Nets Salivating Over Actors from Canceled, Bubble Shows. Article on high demand for "Ugly Betty" actors for pilot season mentions "Dollhouse" as another show casting directors are eager to gain cast members from.

That's nice to hear. I've been hoping our heroes would have good prospects, particular certain young male actives with major lead potential.
I think (and hope) they ALL walk into more work but if Enver in particular doesn't then I just don't understand how the world works anymore.
Any show that doesn't want Enver on it just loses credibility, IMO.
Great speculation. One can only hope that the projects that they choose or are courted for are up to the standard of DH.
If no show hires Enver than I will. I'll figure out what to do with him later.
I know Scrubs has been on for like a hundred years, but this new cast (particularly Franco as Cole) is really good. Hope it stays around for another season since it is phasing into a new machine these days. And ya, Enver better get a pilot. He is a dream actor to any writer/director.
Yes, Enver for leading man, please.
I like how the article makes Mary Lynn Rajskub sound like a dramatic actor who dabbles in comedy. Uh... "Mr. Show with Bob and David," anyone?

But yeah, Enver needs to be cast in -something.- Almost as bad as him not being cast in anything, though, would be him getting a thankless, boring role. "This season on Law & Order..."
Coleberg I've a few ideas what to do with Enver.

Oh. You mean what kind of role. Well....oh. You mean a television role.


Never mind.
Yep, Enver definitely should have scripts piling up on his desk by now. So should Fran.
I don't know. His looks are unusual for a leading man. Plus, versatility is great, but most tv shows don't have a slot for that. Maybe The United States of Tara needs a brother for Toni Collette?

I may have to run away very very fast, after saying this. I'm a huge admirer of Enver, but when he had to carry the show for large amounts of time in Stop-Loss, he wasn't that compelling. Anthony is one of the weaker characterizations he was given, depth-wise, so that may be it, of course. But carrying a show is a horse of a different color than providing a few vivid moments per episode. I don't like The Mentalist and I only kinda sorta like Castle, but Simon Baker and Nathan Fillian have a star quality I'm not sure he has. But if it's a question of just being part of an ensemble, he should have zero problems finding work.
I'd think Enver's biggest obstacles would be his unusual-for-today's-cookie-cutter-Hollywood looks and his height. I'm sure the latter has held back James Marsters a bit. (Although... Tom Cruise is shorter than both of them. Hmm.)

I have no doubt in my mind anyways, that Enver can do the leading man thing in terms of his craft. I think the good actors can dial the charisma up or down. As an example, IMO Nathan didn't exploded off the screen playing Caleb. Nathan was great, don't get me wrong, but the role wasn't that kind of role and so he acted accordingly. And we've seen that JM can actually do the leading man thing, but how many rather, um, forgettable roles has he also performed? Give Enver a role, and he can fill it from what I've seen.

Joss does seem to excel at finding wonderful talent. :)
Wait a minute, is Enver not conventionally handsome then ? Admittedly i'm a straight male and so not necessarily the best judge but he doesn't look particularly unusual to me, without meaning any offence to the bloke he does, in fact, look like pretty much a "cookie-cutter" Hollywood actor (square jawed, muscular etc.).
Well, I think he's great looking, and yep he has that nice jaw, abs, eyes, voice, hair... *blinks glazed over eyes* ...ANYway, how often do you see a Eastern European looking guy getting to play a lead role in Hollywood? You know, that isn't like, somehow related to a "mafia" of some sort?

Of course this is me purely pulling on my memory (arguably spotty) and recent experience (sparser than in past years) so maybe I'm just, well, wrong. ;) But I can't think of anyone who looks like him fronting a show or a movie off the top of my head. Please prove me wrong. That would give me great hopes for him. :)
I think Dollhouse was the perfect showcase for Enver, and it will hopefully take him a long way. Any other role that didn't make such great use of his versatility might have kept him overlooked. It's a shame there aren't many roles like that.

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