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January 29 2010

(SPOILER) Dollhouse 2x13 is up on Amazon Video. Presumably in error, but it's there. ETA: looks like it's been taken down.

Oh Holy Jeebus! It's there! Back in 43 minutes...


Everybody is in bed @ Fox so this will be up for 8 hours. Or maybe not!

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This feels like the final reprise to the great symphony of FOX marketing incompetence we've been subjected to for awhile. To be fair, I have no evidence that this error originated in their offices.

I was weak, and watched the free preview, but the need for money brought me back to my senses - I shall see it tomorrow at 8.

Another good tag for this post might be "not with a bang".
I've gotta stay away from the net for a while I guess. Drat!
Yes, there is something wildly appropriate about this. Although I bet someone's going to be fired at Amazon tomorrow.
Just to check, it has been taken down? No way of telling here in the UK.
As far as I can tell, yes.
Still up here, Simon. "Original air date: January 22, 2010"
I can still see it in the list, but there's no way to purchase it.
Unavailable now. What a mess.
Well at least it happened when most of our American chums are sleeping.
It's just 1:15AM PST. A shame I missed it.
Yeah, looks down here now. I doubt many people got it, not enough for it to torrent de bits.
Oh man. Some of you have willpower I'll never know. There's no way I couldn't watch it, but now I'm just down. It's over. :(
"Currently not available." :(
I can only emit a spoiler-free GAH! Make of that what you will.
I'll bet GoldDust12 is the only one that got in on this.
GoldDust, if you wanna keep mousey quiet I will love you a little.
I would not be at all surprised. And of course, I will remain entirely spoiler-free. It's like 12 more hours, haha, not a long window.

Hmm... I wonder if I could eke some money out of Amazon for this... I'm sure they don't want to risk those *crazy popular* Dollhouse leaks, haha.
Is that a good gah or a bad gah?
Kinda' reminds me of the BSG's "Face of the Enemy" fiddlefaddle. Ahh, I wouldn't be too hard on Amazon.
I've been subscribing to the season, and they charged me for this episode this morning. So I've checked and it's there for me to watch whenever. I wish my enthusiasm for the project were such that I'd want to go hiving home to watch it ASAP -- but I'm not so inclined. I'll watch it sometime tonight.
I'm not able to watch it tonight, but I forgot my admin password and don't have a torrent thing on this accound :P And I can't download program, cuz I'm not an admin right now. Off to check LimeWire. It won't be there. :[
(If I do happen to find it, You people arn't getting anything out of me ;D)
Oh, I'm so thrilled to enable torrenting >:( I na´vely thought that this would make more people buy it, because they would shell out the $2 to see it early. Sorry.

At least for once I get to read the episode thread on East Coast time.
It's not on BitTorrent, LimeWire etc.
Looks like its still available to season subscribers on Amazon. Which seems appropriate since they already charged for it.

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